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Crootin’ Kernels: A General Update and some #Speed Visiting This Weekend

Highly Touted Skill Players Making their Way to Lincoln

Things are so bad my son the Huskies fan is giving us pity fandom.

Good morning Husker faithful! It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about recruiting, so let’s get right to it!

Where are the Commits?

Well, they’re hiding. Several prospects who are badly needed have visited Nebraska. They have reportedly enjoyed their visits. Back channel conversations make recruiting pundits confident in several of them becoming “N”. While every player claims the current record doesn’t matter, my read is they are still waiting to see if the Scott Frost Experiment pans out.

Applying Additional Recruiting Pressure

Personally, I’ve begun to get concerned about recruiting. Apparently I’m not the only one. The dearth of commitment tweet notifications on Coach Frost’s phone has caused the staff to restructure their recruiting strategy. Selected coaches will be traveling Thursdays and Fridays now to visit key recruiting targets. The team’s W-L record isn’t going to draw recruits to Lincoln. The mountain is going to have to go to Muhammad.

JUCO hapz?

There has been an outcry for JUCO’s to fix the holes in the defense. And special teams. And offense. Sigh. The coaching staff is on record as stating their priority in JUCO is to find December grads in areas of need. The staff needs them here now, so they can learn the playbook in the spring and spend the summer getting #swole. Unfortunately, many of the best JUCO prospects, like offensive tackle Bamidele Olaseni are May grads. There’s a lot of digging going on. Ryan Held is working these angles. We’re going to hear some names come out of nowhere from the JUCO’s, as per normal.

Any Movement?

Bryce Benhart, OT prospect, plays his cards very close to his chest. While very little information is forthcoming, it appears he will make a move by December. I’m confident we will like the results.

Wandale Robinson, #3 athlete in the country, has decided to make an unofficial visit soon. He has officially visited previously. He is announcing his commitment in a little over two weeks. It’s us, Alabama, Ohio State, and Kentucky. This kid was all but guaranteed to become a Buckeye. This is a very good development for us. I have 3% hope he’s N, which is 7% more than I had a week ago.

Ty Robinson, strongside defensive end prospect from Arizona, was once considered a lock for Nebraska. It appears he is slipping away now. While the lead prognosticators still have him coming to Nebraska, more and more crystal ball predictions to Southern Cal are coming in each day.

A Small Amount of Good News

Quarterback commit Luke McCaffrey has been upgraded to four stars! He is now the second highest rated commit in the 2019 class. Nebraska sits 26th, fourth in the B1G as of today. With this looking like a class of 25-28, the ranking should solidify around 20th when it’s all said and done.

So who’s coming this weekend?

Noa Pola-Gates is a four star defensive back from Arizona. The team NEEDS him. His top schools are Bama and Penn State. Competition will be fierce here. I don’t care if this kid inexplicably starts driving a Land Rover and somehow owns 100 pairs of Yeezy’s the day he shows up, he just needs to show up.

Jarrad Baker is a versatile skill player from Florida who can play wide receiver, defensive back, or slot receiver. His top schools are Arizona State, Missouri, Iowa State, and Nebraska. Sounds like he is willing play in the Midwest. This is another top target for the staff.

Darien Chase is a four star athlete from Vancouver, WA. The staff doesn’t have any real connections to the Pacific Northwest, but is working hard for this kid. The schools to beat are Washington and Oregon. His skills project to a wide receiver for the Huskers. Pac 12 kids always seem like a hard pull, that almost never end up coming. I’m going to have to watch some film on him and see why the effort is being put in.

Current commit Jamie Nance is making his official visit this weekend. He has visited multiple times on his own dime, this is just to enjoy the experience and do some peer recruiting.

Tavian Mayo, three star defensive back from Georgia, has announced he’s coming to Lincoln this weekend. Mayo has a lot of speed and upside. Nebraska needs an infusion of talent in the defensive backfield.

Updates will be publicized as they become available. GBR!