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Frosted Flakes: $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Week

Bring the Chair Back!!!

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A year ago the mighty Cornhuskers of Nebraska traveled up to the barren north to take on the Little Golden Gophers of Minnesota. Unfortunately, Nebraska forgot to play that game and they lost the one trophy that matters.

Well, it’s the one trophy that they currently play for that matters. The other trophies are just fine and hold very honorable meanings behind their existence. Those being the Heroes Trophy with Iowa and the Freedom Trophy with Wisconsin. However, they were both concocted by the participating institutions and both fan bases have mentioned how they could care less for them.

The “Broken Chair” trophy is different. It was given birth to by the World Wide Web and has grown in legend and popularity between the two schools. The first chair vanished and we now have a second on that is slightly updated and is passed between the winning teams to this day.

Those above two tweets created it. That’s it, literally. Something so simple and yet so genius. It truly is a wonderful trophy for these current times.

With that said, Nebraska needs to win this week to not only give us the first W of the season but also bring the “Chair” back to it’s rightful owners.

Anyway, on to flakes...


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(If you can’t smile at the above tweet then there is no hope for you)

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