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Week 6 Big Ten Power Poll

This is Bella. Bella doesn’t care that the Huskers are 0-5. Be like Bella.

Once again the embittered writers at Corn Nation rank the Big Ten top to bottom in a futile attempt to bring some interest into the drab, wretched lives of long-suffering Husker fans.

Paul: My only real questions this week were where to put Michigan, Iowa, and Nebraska. Iowa looked pretty good in Minneapolis Saturday, so they get my vote for the best of the also-rans. I’m not completely sold on Michigan, but they are definitely in the group of four at the top. So, where then to put Nebraska? At this point I think NU will beat Illinois and Rutgers, but that’s it. Maybe Minnesota, but for now NU is only above Illinois and Rutgers.

Nate: Hopefully by the end of the season Nebraska starts making some headway in these rankings.

Patrick: There’s Ohio State and....

Rick: Illinois has to be ranked better than us because they have a conference win. Rutgers, you have really achieved. You are worse than the worst Nebraska team in program history.

Jon: What a poopy mess of a season.

Jill: I always complain about how hard this conference is to rank. I guess I won’t stop now. There are some teams clearly at the top and some clearly at the bottom. The middle is a muddy mess. And by middle, I mean all the teams between Ohio State and Rutgers.