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Husker Football: Scott Frost’s Monday Press Conference

Termites, energy, 17 balls, and disappointing injury news

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

As always, this is a real time summary where I’m typing as I’m listening. Quotes are likely not exact as I don’t go back and re-listen to the audio.

This wasn’t the start of Coach Frost’s press conference, but I’m putting it here anyway.

You may have noticed that the depth chart released this morning included some shakeups.

On Eric Lee starting over Lamar Jackson:

Nose tackle Mick Stoltenburg will not back in the near future:

Nebraska is also losing one of its middle linebackers, a pretty good one too, for the season.

Will is going to have surgery - it’s season-ending. It’s heartbreaking.

Honas is eligible for a redshirt year under the new rules that allow him to play in up to four games.

A tidbit about past practices (I think he was referring to those all the back to spring ball, but I don’t know that for sure.) He was referring specifically to turnovers.

We made all the skill players carry the ball in practice. We, as coaches tried to get it out. One day we got 17 balls...details carry over into game...sometimes you gotta get hit in the face to understand it...

I can see a change now. I saw some guys practicing hard, that I’ve never seen practicing with that energy...

On Devine Ozigbo rising to the top of the depth chart:

On the offensive line:

Whoever is playing center will have their hands full. They [Wisconsin] got a nose guard that’s a full grown man

On Wisconsin:

They’re a well-coached team, they don’t beat themselves, which is the polar opposite of what we’ve been.

It’s going to be a challenge for the defense to get us the ball back

On whether he is seeing the message get through to the team:

There were guys practicing better today than I’ve ever seen them. A couple of them were receivers. Afterward I asked them “What took you so long?”

Coach wouldn’t name individuals when asked which receivers.

On Kade Warner and his new spot atop the depth chart:

On offensive struggles on third down...

I finally saw a team today in practice that did things with enough energy, attention to detail, to make it work in games

On getting things fixed:

I had four captains come into my office on their day off to find out what needed to be fixed...

Is this a turning point? Let’s hope so!