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Nebraska Releases Depth Chart With a Few Notable Changes

Probably have a few injuries as well

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Athletic Department released an updated depth chart for the upcoming game against Wisconsin. Unlike past weeks, there are a slew of notable changes.

  • One of the changes which were expected by many was the promotion or demotion (depending how you want to look at it) at the starting cornerback position. Eric Lee Jr. has secured the starting spot at this moment while Lamar Jackson is now an “OR” with Braxton Clark.
  • Dedrick Young, who has had better games that what we saw last Saturday, is still the starting ILB where Will Honas probably should be. Honas is nowhere to be found, which sadly makes you wonder about a potential serious injury.
  • Same goes for Cole Conrad, who was the starting Center and is now second. Tanner Farmer has moved into that position and Boe Wilson is again starting at the RG position.
  • Devine Ozigbo, coming off of a career game, is the sole starting running back. He looked great last week. Guy has worked his tail off and it is showing up in his senior year. Hope he keeps it up and becomes a fan favorite.
  • Kade Warner, redshirt freshman who is the son of a former NFL quarterback, had a couple catches last week but was a great blocker. He is known to be incredibly consistent. Consistency is probably key for this coaching staff right now. He is slotted in as the WR3 ahead of Mike Williams.
  • Jaron Woodyard is the starter at kick returner while JD Spielman is the starter at PR.