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Frosted Flakes: With Every Bama Title The More Jaded I Become

Here’s some cheerleaders. Yay college football.

CFP National Championship presented by AT&T - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

‘Bama wins again. I watched the second half of the game. It would figure that Alabama would squeak their way into a playoff and then come back to win it, and they did. I spent the first half binge-watching The Grand Tour with my son. It was wildly more entertaining, although that show brings out a different type of jealousy and coveting - I’m many feel the same way.

It turned out to be a great game, one for the ages, as they say, but you’ll pardon me while I curb my enthusiasm. Another ‘Bama title. Whoopeee. The best team college football can buy.

Am I jealous? Yes. Am I disgusted? Yes. Do I hate this? Yes.

I admire those real professional media guys who can get excited and hold their objectivity about great sports, because last night truly was full of some great sportsin’. I wish I had that in me. Now I’m just jaded and honestly wonder sometimes why I continue to do this. I could be writing Black Mirror episodes, dammit.

You could have lengthy discussions about whether ‘Bama backed into the playoff, but there was no one else, no other team that belonged. Argue the UCF point of view all you want, but it should be clear now that the Big Boys aren’t going to let any Group of Five team into the playoff ever because they would have to share more money with them and they are not going to do that.

The idea that this is an amateur sport should be shat down a toilet, however. This was the first year they’d had a halftime show... like in the NFL. I did not watch that (I don’t watch NFL halftime shows either), but it stinks of “how much more production can we put into this thing?”

Oh, hell, I’m just complaining. It was a great game. Let’s move on now.


Art Briles was scheduled to speak at the American Football Coaches Association Convention. There was outrage. This is somehow shocking to the AFCA. How can you be this tone deaf?

AP Poll:

Alabama’s won the national championship because of freshmen, and not just Tua Tagovailoa -
Always be afraid of the Tide...but be more afraid now.

Sam McKewon's final AP Top 25 poll | Big Red Today blog |
After Alabama's 27-23 win over Georgia in the College Football Playoff national title game, here's Sam McKewon's final AP Top 25 poll:

1. UCF

Who is the guy with the mustache on Georgia’s sideline? -
Strength coach Aaron Feld has the facial hair of a 19th-century sporting gentleman.

National Championship 2018 final score: Alabama beats Georgia in OT thriller -
Nick Saban vs. Kirby Smart turned into freshman QB vs. freshman QB. Bama’s won. Nick Saban is a six-time national champ.

Officials kept missing calls that went against Georgia in the National Championship -
The Bulldogs caught some bad breaks in Atlanta. - Why the new tax law could hurt Nebraska
The long-running and much-debated tax rule allowed boosters to deduct 80 percent of donations related to season tickets largely for football and men’s basketball. That perk officially ended on Dec. 31.

With its demise, some college sports experts believe the change will crimp athletic department budgets, lead to higher ticket prices for football and basketball games at many schools, and cause some schools to eliminate men’s and women’s sports programs that help feed U.S. Olympic teams.

Then There’s This