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Five Heart Podcast: Nebrasketball with David McGee

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a new year, yes it is!

(These are the can laugh or you can sit there.)

Don’t look now, but the Nebraska Men’s Basketball team is faring pretty nicely in the 2017-18 season. *knocks on wood*

After a one-point loss to freakin’ Kansas, the boys have started a little winning streak, up to and including the 70-55 win at Northwestern this past week. In this episode, Greg visits with Corn Nation’s David McGee. He’s not on the masthead...but neither am I. Anyway, aside from being one of our best photographers, David is also a huge Nebrasketball fan, and has contributed plenty of hoops pieces over the years.

So we talk about the win over NW, the overall look of the team this season, and what lies ahead.

And as a bonus, we spend a few minutes at the end making fun of Iowa. So there’s something for everyone!

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