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Tanner Lee Struggles at Senior Bowl

Lee’s arm impresses in drills, but turnovers remain his bugaboo.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska’s Tanner Lee impressed scouts at the start of Senior Bowl practices.

Then he had to face actual defenses.

In Saturday’s game, Lee looked OK at times but repeated many of the same mistakes he made at Nebraska (and Tulane), completing eight of 19 passes for 86 yards with two turnovers.

One observer summed up Lee like this:

Lee is (Josh) Allen-lite. He has a strong arm and can make impressive throws in the downfield passing game, but what we saw on tape with him was confirmed this week in practice. He still locks onto routes and makes mistakes with his eyes, leading to mistakes with the football. He remains a very high-variance quarterback, who can impress at one moment and lead an entire assemblage of media personnel to wonder if he’s the best quarterback of the day, and who then makes a series of mistakes that leave the same personnel wondering if he even belongs in Mobile.

I think most Nebraska fans nod in agreement. We don’t want to throw dirt on a former Husker, but the evidence is overwhelming that while Tanner Lee has the physical tools to be a professional quarterback, he struggles when putting it to use in actual competition.