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Frosted Flakes: A Perfect Week of Husker Sports, Snow Is Fun, Fire Tim Miles Why?

It’s a mixed bag today.

Higher Learning

We got about a foot of snow yesterday here in beautiful Chaska, Minnesota. I went out about half way through the snowfall and shoveled our walk. Then I attempted to shovel our driveway.

Note - we don’t own a snowblower. Never have. We (Mrs CN and I) operate on the theory that the more you automate your life the older and more out of shape you become as you turn over “doing things” to machines. (Note that I have offered to buy a snowblower every winter we’ve lived in this house, and that we’re going on around 25 years.)

On the other hand, she has always shoveled most of the snow. That’s because she’s tough. She’s a Nebraska woman. They’re mostly like that, at least the ones that grow up in rural Nebraska. I can’t speak so much for the ones that grow up in Omaha. Maybe they’re urbanized and more likely to die quickly during a zombie apocalypse.

The first of the snowfall was moist and heavy; great snow for making snowmen, but a horrible pain to shovel. I made it about a third through the driveway and quit.

I assisted again when Mrs CN got home from work (I work from home a lot). Again, the sidewalk, and then more of the driveway. Damn. There is a reason they restrict people who have had heart attacks from shoveling snow. I didn’t push it THAT hard, but I also did not want to become a statistic.

Did y’all have fun in the snow?

Tough loss for Nebraska at Ohio State last night. They had their chances, but.. sadly, no.

Remember that this team was picked to finish 13th in the preseason. They are clearly NOT the 13th best team in the Big Ten.

The subject of firing Tim Miles comes up after every basketball loss. It gets old. Firing Tim Miles would be unbelievably stupid right now. He’s assembled a pretty good set of basketball players - emphasis on “HE’S ASSEMBLED” as in, he recruited them, brought them in, and has them playing for Nebraska. It is TIM MILES’ team.

The bulk of this team will be back next year. Or you could fire the coach because you’re a dumbass, have them transfer and start all over again. Seems we’ve tried that before. And before. And before.

Look at this week of Husker sports!

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The former Michigan quarterback will wait until the middle of the year to decide on his future.

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Stanfield said he was confronted not just once and not just this year at practice, after practice and after games. He says those confrontations were heated over the years and that he just can’t deal with it anymore. It got to be mentally exhausting and it was affecting his ability to coach.

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More Recruiting Offers!

I have no idea who these guys are because I don’t follow recruiting, but I KNOW that you guys will discuss them in the comments.

Then There’s This