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Nebraska Football: Linebacker Breon Dixon Transfers to the Huskers

Ole Miss Player Says No to the Bagmen

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Husker football received a healthy infusion of athleticism today, in the form of 6-2 200-lb defensive back Breon Dixon.

His highlight reel consisted of him primarily planting receivers in the dirt and running back the subsequent interception for touchdowns. I like the vision and physicality. He projects as a hybrid OLB/nickel in the Chinander 3-4, someone who can either rush the quarterback off the edge, or drop back and cover RB’s coming out of the backfield.

Dixon was a four-star recruit in 2017 who signed with Ole Miss after being committed to Georgia. He played defensive back three games last season as a true freshman, registering five tackles. In December, he announced his intention to transfer, citing that he was “misled” about the severity of the pending penalties on Ole Miss. There is also some noise about behavioral issues affecting playing time that I didn’t get to the bottom of.

Coach Frost and staff had built a relationship during an official visit to UCF while Dixon was in high school. He was also a teammate of Husker Mohamed Barry and trains under former Husker Eric Johnson during the offseason. This gave him the rundown on the Nebraska facilities and tradition. Once the offer was made, interest peaked rapidly.

The hope here is that Shea Patterson’s transfer from Ole Miss to Michigan will set a precedent for Dixon and other transfers to take advantage. Michigan has filed paperwork to possibly have the year wait for transfers waived. The NCAA’s decision comes down for Patterson at the end of January or early February.

Icing on the cake: Dixon was trending heavily towards Wisconsin until he was contacted by the Husker staff!

Welcome to the Husker family, Breon!