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After the Peach Bowl Scott Frost Can Finally Be Completely All N’

Coach Frost is no longer being stretched in two directions

AAC Championship - Memphis v Central Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

If you are like me, you will always remember where you were the Sunday that Bill Moos introduced Scott Frost to be the new head football coach at Nebraska.

I was driving back from Omaha with my wife and kids. We generally drive with the radio off for several reasons. One of those reasons is that whenever I want to listen to my music or my podcasts, the kids seem to believe that those are the perfect times to start singing about an itsy bitsy spider, a bus, or some alphabet.

Therefore, in the moments leading up to the press conference my anxiety level started to rise. It was going to be a historic moment for the football program. I mentally prepared myself for the chance that the kids might prefer instead to sing about a bridge in London, being happy and knowing it, or a dog named B.I.N.G.O.

However, when the press conference began the only sound which could be heard came only from the radio.

The kids were completely quiet. It was a miracle.

Then what followed is my favorite quote from Coach Frost from the entire press conference:

“It’s going to take a lot of hard work, and it’s going to take a lot of dedication from a lot of people. But there is a formula that worked here for a long time. And times have changed a little but some of those same things are what is going to make this work again. And that is a lot of good people who care about this place. It’s working really hard. It’s toughness. It’s dedication. It’s work ethic. That’s what Nebraska is. That’s what the people of Nebraska are. And that’s what this place is going to stand for while I’m here.”

Hard Work. Dedication. Toughness. Work Ethic. Standing for Something.

In order to get back to a level of relevance and respectability Nebraska cannot depend on recruiting four star wide receivers and running backs from California, Florida, Georgia or St. Louis. They also cannot depend on a four star quarterback from California with a familiar last name. Though it is inarguable that getting those guys are an important part of getting back to that level.

Instead what Nebraska needs to be able to depend on is: Hard Work, Dedication, Toughness, Work Ethic and Standing for Something.

And what do you know, Scott Frost has been doing just that since the moment he was introduced. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you need to read this article by Mitch Sherman and Andrea Adelson.

His actions and words since the press conference instill and reinforce the concepts of hard work, dedication, toughness, work ethic and standing for something.

Unfortunately, up until last night he has been doing so for two separate programs: Nebraska and Central Florida.

"He's trying to give everything he has to two programs," said Matt Davison, Frost's former Nebraska teammate who ushered his reunion with the Huskers this fall. "You know, it's just a lot."

I wish he would have decided to not coach the Peach Bowl. I was not upset that he did. It was his decision. And it could have been the right decision. That still does not mean I had to like it.

He was being stretched in two separate directions. You cannot serve two masters. Even though it seemed like he was willing to sacrifice just about anything to do so. His schedule during the recruiting period leading up to the bowl game had to take a toll on his health. It probably took a toll on the entire coaching staff.

By midmorning, Frost, surrounded by his entire Nebraska-bound coaching staff, led the Knights' second practice in preparation for the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

While vomiting on the sideline.


After he got sick at practice on Dec. 13, Frost returned to Lincoln to host an evening event at Memorial Stadium for potential walk-ons at Nebraska. He spent less than three hours on the ground and boarded another late flight back to Florida to attend practice and devise a game plan on Dec. 14.

But finally the Peach Bowl is over. It was such an odd and almost an uncomfortable feeling seeing pictures of Frost wearing UCF Knights gear not even a week after he officially took the Nebraska job.

Now Scott Frost can be “all N’.” I’m excited to see what he can do when he is focused on one school.

But first I think he is entitled to a day or two off. Or at least a nap. He has earned it.