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Nebraska Football: Five Reasons The Huskers Lose To Oregon

The Huskers could lose this matchup! Here’s why...

David McGee/Corn Nation

I guess I didn’t take this seriously enough last week. I was so confident that we were going to win easily that I could barely muster up even five FAKE reasons. This will not happen again! Nebraska showed me just how many ways they COULD have lost that game, and if we just squeaked by at home against a Sun Belt team what are they capable of this week? I’m about to tell you. There might be more but I don’t want to overwhelm you so I’m just giving you.....


  1. Oregon will watch the film of last week- If I’m the Oregon offensive coordinator, I’m just going to call all of the same plays that Arkansas State did. If two and three star players could run up 1738 yards (approx) last week, what are all the blue chippers in their shiny new nike’s going to do?
  2. Royce Freeman & his revenge tour- The biggest break we got last year against Oregon was Freeman’s injury. From that point forward the Ducks were not the same, not only in that game, but for the rest of the season. Freeman is going to be a man on a mission this week and if he gets going it could be a loooooooooooong day.
  3. Another slow(ish) start- It seems like Riley’s teams have a problem getting a fast start in games. The first half last week brought back a lot of memories of tense first halves last year. On the road against a team looking to make a statement a slow start could be deadly. With a weapon like Freeman the Ducks could make a 10 point lead seem like a lot more.
  4. Another weak finish- For as uncomfortable as the first half last week was, the end of the game was down right horrific. Visions of Illinois kept creeping in, right up until the final play. Our running game was good, but you don’t get great if you can’t finish the job. We need to keep the foot on the gas all game, because we know the Oregon players have been training so hard that some of their players were hospitalized during off season workouts. Sure, that is horrible and likely a human rights violation by the Oregon staff, but you can be sure those Ducks will have stamina.
  5. Smoke gets in our eyes- Having just witnessed wild fires about 7 miles from my house this week here in LA, I have first hand knowledge of the damage they can cause. If the smoke gets too thick, it could get in the way of our passing game (although I don’t think Stanley Morgan has a problem with smoke). Even more dangerous would be if it obscures the ribbons of red that will be cheering throughout the crowd.

As always I hope I’m wrong this week, but if we DO lose, after an uninspiring win last week I may just turn in a page with my tears on it next week.