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Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco Talks After Monday’s Practice

The DC was a little fired up, we think

Diaco David McGee/CN

With all the hullabaloo between Saturday night’s win for Nebraska over Arkansas State and Mike Riley’s press conference today, Nebraska defensive coordinator Bob Diaco has probably seen a lot of response over his non-speaking evening Saturday.

On Monday afternoon, Mike Riley took responsibility of Diaco’s lack of an appearance on Saturday, saying that the two had spoken a couple weeks before and not talked about the situation since then.

“Part of it actually came a couple weeks ago. Bob (Diaco) and I had talked about that specifically, and it really was a talk about his thoughts that it would be great after a ball game for one voice, giving him time to watch the film and review it with you guys as a point of time. Nothing was intentional by him in that regard. It was a discussion we had, and frankly my fault because I never revisited that conversation with him. It was a conversation of his thoughts about that, but I actually didn’t think about it again. By the time I saw him after the game, it was an hour afterwards. He said he had been approached about it, and I said “gosh, I think it’s all done by now, I wouldn’t worry about it.” So, what I think was a pretty innocent thing turned into a bigger thing, but that’s it. He’s been great with the media that I’ve watched and seen, and he’s going to talk to you today. Like I said, it might’ve been from that conversation, my fault if anything happened like that the other night. After that conversation, my bad, I never thought about it again because I kind of got what he was talking about as a possibility. It was totally unintentional.”

So, hey, that’s fine with Riley taking the blame, no matter what. On Monday evening, after practice, Diaco got him time in front of the media after practice. And, folks, he was not happy about the narrative that was written about him.

I guess Bob hadn’t read anything from Sipple or Barfknecht before then. Bet he has now!

I dunno man... I just don’t know.

Diaco did attempt to portray how he reacted after the game on Saturday, one that had social media going nuts in not the best way.

Thanks to the video in this tweet from 10/11 in Lincoln, here’s Diaco in full. You be the judge.

As far as Arkansas State was concerned, linebacker coach Trent Bray did say that keeping everything in front of the back 8 was part of the gameplan.

I’m sure that someone is probably mumbling “HEY DO SOMETHING BEFORE THAT,” and they’re probably right.

There was a game to prepare for, by the way! Your Huskers travel to the Pacific Northwest to take on the Oregon Ducks this coming Saturday. Riley talked about going to Autzen Stadium, where’s it’s been known to get a little loud.

“It’s one of the great, tough environments that I’ve coached in. The stadium, for whatever reason, the way it’s built, is one of the top-five nosiest places I’ve ever coached. BC Place in Canada is right up there, maybe number one believe it or not because of that synthetic roof and 55,000. The Superdome and the Chiefs are a bit hard, but this is in the top five. This is really hard, if you watch their games. I remember one year USC had a hard time getting a snap, false starts. We’ve been working on that all of camp, with noise and two-minute drills, so we’ve done a lot of silent cadence stuff, so we’ll have to be really well prepped up, because that can just mess up a game. The communication to run a play and not get false starts is just a big factor in having a chance to win the game. So, you have to be prepped for that for sure because it’s a factor.”

And, it sounds like the practice environment was trying to mimic that, as it will throughout the week.

Well how rude of them!

Diaco has faced Oregon HC Willie Taggart in the last three years, as Taggart’s South Florida team defeated Diaco’s UConn team all three years, by growing margins each season. It will be interesting to see what Diaco does with different talent, as well as Taggart. Do not think that confidence will be not there for Diaco or the Husker D this weekend as they get ready to go on the road.

The Huskers will continue with prep for Oregon this week, as the game is on Saturday afternoon.

Full Video of Bob Diaco talking, including football stuff!