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Mike Riley Press Conference: Crossed Wires With Bob Diaco, Running Game Love

The Nebraska HC talks Arkansas State, Bob Diaco and previews Oregon

Arkansas State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Good afternoon! Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley spoke to the media today. In his weekly address to the hordes, Riley talked a review of Arkansas State and a preview of Oregon, along with fielding questions from reporters. Let’s begin!

Not good news about De’Mornay Pierson-El.

Tre Bryant has a sore knee.

Marcus Newby, Tre Bryant and De’Mornay Pierson-El will be held out of practice today, per Riley.

Mike was very pleased with the running game on Saturday, and very happy with Tre Bryant’s performance.

While Riley was complimentary of special teams on Saturday, the punt return for a TD by the Red Wolves had him bothered.

It was a simple case of players getting out of their lane when they see the ball on the ground, per Riley.

On to Oregon, where Riley is very familiar with Autzen Stadium and how the Ducks crowd will influence the game.

Riley did note that the Ducks ran the 3-4 under Chip Kelly and have returned to it under Willie Taggart.

Speaking of the 3-4 defense, Riley was asked about the lack of Bob Diaco at the postgame presser after the game Saturday night.

I buy that to a fault, and good on Mike for squashing the issue. Also, good on Diaco for realizing the after game effect. That being said, maybe Bob could have sat for 10 minutes afterwards on Saturday once he saw Danny Langsdorf in front of everyone.

Riley measured the yards gained and not so much the points after dissecting the defensive film vs. the Red Wolves. Riley was pleased with the lack of big plays, and noted that the biggest play for the Arkansas State offense (29 tards) was due to a seven yard route that became a bigger gain because of a missed open field tackle.

Riley also noted that DiCaprio Bootle, Eric Lee and Lamar Jackson all saw a lot of snaps at cornerback, and performed admirably. No questions were asked of Riley about scheme within how Nebraska seemed to use nickel/dime much in the game.

The Huskers will head to Eugene to take on the Oregon Ducks this coming Saturday afternoon.