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Five Heart Podcast - The Broken Heart Podcast

After this week’s tragedy, the only person I felt I could have on the show was our Fearless Leader, Jon Johnston

Thanks to ranchbabe for digging this out of the archives. It appears someone had a little fun putting Brian into the Huskers’ alternate uniform.

Corn Nation was rocked this week with the news of the passing of one of our own as my "good friend, fellow Husker fan, and longtime broadcast buddy" Brian Towle passed away unexpectedly overnight.

To say we were not prepared for that is an absolute understatement. Brian not only did so much writing for Corn Nation, but was a key figure in the behind-the-scenes operations as well.

In the newest episode of the show, I am joined with Corn Nation's head honcho Jon Johnston as we talk about Brian's joining Corn Nation years ago, bringing me in, and all that he did for not just the site, but the community around it, his fellow contributors and all of the people he interacted with online.

I also have a few special compilation pieces in honor of my dear friend. Rest in peace, Brian.

There is a GoFundMe for funeral expenses and such for Brian. Every little bit helps, and Husker Nation has already risen to the occasion in great capacity, but there is still a bit that needs to be done. If you can help, please do.

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