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Nebraska Football: Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose to Illinois

Sheer, unadulterated terror

Illinois v Nebraska
Look upon your doom, Nebraska.
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m going to be honest with you. Doing this assignment is having a negative effect on me. Each week as I watch the game I go over my five reasons and realize I WAS RIGHT! WE MIGHT LOSE AND I PREDICTED WHY!!!

Does this mean it’s my fault? Of course not, but rooting for a team is not a rational enterprise, and even though I know I have nothing to do with the Huskers mediocre start, I can’t help feeling a bit guilty about these.

However, I have been tasked with this duty and I will fulfill it to the best of my abilities, hoping every week that I am wrong.


  1. INJURIES- Is there a position group that isn’t dealing with injuries to starters? We are only four games in and at this rate we won’t make it through the season.
  2. TANNER LEE- I was going to get cute and write “quarterback play” but you would see through that. When I take everything I heard about Tanner before the season and combine it with everything I’ve SEEN from Tanner during the season my conclusion is that Tanner likes practice better than games. Maybe because this game is on a Friday night he will think it’s just a night practice. I’m hoping.
  3. OVERTHINKING- This is for Tanner and the Coaches. Second guessing is every fan’s favorite past time, and the Huskers have given us lots of opportunities to do it this year. Don’t get too cute. Don’t throw a screen pass to a WR 45 yards away. Just be smart!
  4. DPE- Last week gave us a glimpse of what Pierson-El can do on punt returns, but I’m not convinced he’s all the way back. When he’s right, he’s a real weapon on returns, but his decision making hasn’t been all there for most of the season.
  5. Lovie Smith, Football genius- Just kidding. Wanted to end on a positive note.