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Corn Flakes: Please Continue To Support Brian’s Family

We still haven’t met the goal for Kelly and kids. And news.

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We are back at it today because that’s what happens - it goes on.

Brian Towle’s brother Lee asked us to pass along this note.

To all of Corn Nation, this is Lee Towle, Brian Towle's brother. My sisters and I made it down here to Texas today to help Kelly with the arrangements.

On behalf of Kelly, Emerson, Brock, myself, my sisters, and the rest of our family, I just wish to thank each and everyone of you for caring and supporting Kelly in this time of need.

Brian would be overwhelmed in knowing he had so much support in doing what he loved to do writing about the Huskers and taking care of his family. Once again, I just wish to thank everybody for all their thoughts and prayers today.

We’re not sure we could ever do enough to thank Brian for what he did for Corn Nation, but if you want to know how to help, there is a GoFundMe to help the family get Brian home to Nebraska.

Fundraiser by Kelly Towle : Funeral for my husband Brian Towle

Brian passed away suddenly on Sept. 27 after a short stay in the hospital due to complications from bloodclots. He is from Lincoln Nebraska and is survived by his wife Kelly, his young daughter and older son. Brian was very involved in Corn Nation as a sports blogger and the bowling industry.

We’ll miss Brian a lot and wish nothing but comfort and peace to his family.


Let’s get to the news: - Finding new A.D. could hinge on signing the right executive search firm

There are about 18 athletic director openings right now across the country, according to a job tracker monitored by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics, which has about 1,700 member schools.

There are about 18 jobs open... hahahahaaha, you mean BEFORE the FBI starts arresting everyone, they get fired, or caught up in a scandal. This might have been the worst year ever to fire your athletic director.

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Look, Nebraska could have been way higher here but all they did was play pretty badly against rutger and fire their AD in a move that is totally going to transport the program back to the 1990’s again.

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Nebraska’s QB makes a ton of mistakes and it’s up to the Illini defense to capitalize.

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I love y’all.

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A cathartic episode of the Testudo Times Podcast.

I HAVE BOYCOTTED THE NFL - Every Day Should Be Saturday

Alabama basketball admin resigns after internal review of program - Team Speed Kills
Tuesday’s news of a large-scale FBI investigation into the world of college basketball led to Alabama conducting an internal review.

Louisville firing Tom Jurich cuts Bobby Petrino’s $8.5M buyout in half -
Well, this is interesting.

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Get caught up quickly on who’s involved in the sprawling investigation.

NCAA recruiting rule changes to weed out agents, exploitation |
The University of Arizona—yes, the entire university (at least according to a statement)—was “appalled” to learn what the FBI has accused one of its assistant basketball coaches of doing.

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino said the details “came as a complete shock to me” and blamed “a few bad actors” when one indictment detailed a scheme for the Cardinals to pay $100,000 for a player who is now a freshman at Louisville.

The FBI’s NCAA Basketball Investigation: What to Know - Team Speed Kills
The FBI announced criminal charges against an Adidas executive, several agents, and at least one SEC assistant coach yesterday.

Rick Pitino ousted at Louisville, should be done as coach |
Rick Pitino committed eight NCAA violations, then misled the NCAA, and it was bad enough and ugly enough that the NCAA recommended the school disassociate itself from him.

This was in 1977. Pitino was an assistant at Hawaii.

If you’re surprised today … well, where have you been for the last 40 years?

Will FBI’s college basketball investigation eventually involve football? -
In football, the secret money tends to involve smaller names and titles than in hoops.