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Nebraska Football’s Numbers, Statistics, and Lies: Rutgers Edition

We take a look at the Huskers passing offense (send the kids out of the room) and the rushing defense.

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

N,S,&L is about basic stats and where the Huskers rank relative to other FBS teams and Big Ten teams. We apply the “eye test” to figure out if the numbers are lying or not. If you noticed any stats or made observations that aren’t covered here, add them in the comments!

Color-Coded Pile of Numbers

This team won a game that they should. They didn’t gain any style points and they sure didn’t inspire a ton of confidence on the offensive side of the ball, but they won. At one point (after the pick six early in the 3rd quarter) it felt like the entire game and season was starting to unravel.

It could have, but did not. The team pulled themselves up off the mat and got back to work. That is not an easy thing to do.

Numbers - Statistics - Lies I

Number: 4.2

The offense averaged 4.2 yards/rush, 4.2 yards/pass attempt, and 4.2 yards/play. That rushing production is pretty good, but to average as many yards every time Tanner hands off the ball as when dropping back? Ouch.

Statistic: The pass offense still ranks poorly at #113 in team passing efficiency in FBS. For the entire season, Nebraska is averaging 6.2 yards/attempt, which is also bad (#109 in FBS). Nebraska’s average of 36.5 attempts per game are currently #35 in FBS. I expect that number to go down.

Truth or lies? Truth. This pass offense is a mess right now.

Numbers - Statistics - Lies II

Number: 3.63

The Husker rush defense is allowing an average of 3.63 yards/rush attempt

Statistic: The Blackshirts rank #52 in FBS for yards/rush attempt. That isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, but the improvement is definitely there compared to early in the season. The median FBS team is allowing 3.85 yards/rush.

Truth or lies? For one more week, this is likely to be truth. Illinois is averaging just under 3.5 yards/rush attempt (#111 in FBS).

Stanley Morgan March Toward 1000 Updater

Number: 0

Stanley sat out the Rutgers game with a neck injury. He still sits at 299 yards after four games. He needs to average 88 yards/game to reach 1000 yards during the regular season. That is going to be difficult, especially given how little anyone trusts his quarterback to throw the ball to the correct team right now.


So, tell me Corn Nation....what did your eyes tell you in relation to the numbers? What did I see right and what did I miss?