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Cobs of The Week: Lee’s Points, Michigan’s AC Gate & Oklahoma State Laying An Egg

What sucked the most this weekend?

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

AC Gate

Saturday's Michigan versus Purdue game has led to "AC Gate."

Jim Harbaugh complained about the temperature in the visiting locker room at Purdue as there was no air conditioning. He complained that they had to open doors just to get some airflow but then people could walk by and watch as players changing clothes

Purdue responded with the following statement:

Purdue regards the welfare of all student-athletes as its No. 1 priority. We would fully support a conversation regarding a conference-wide set of guidelines for visiting football team accommodations because we have experienced less-than-ideal conditions on the road. There is no place for gamesmanship when it comes to player care and safety.

The after-the-fact concerns expressed by Michigan are somewhat surprising because a member of its football staff conducted a walk-thru of our facilities with our athletics department staff at Ross-Ade Stadium on July 18.

Furthermore, to help teams prepare in advance, our visiting team manual highlights in bold type “there is no air conditioning in the (visiting) locker room,” with accompanying Purdue Athletics staff contact information about how to request preferred temporary accommodations. We did not receive any such request.

Basic x-ray is available within our athletic footprint and more-sophisticated capabilities are located two blocks away, similar to the arrangements at many other schools. Our sports medicine staff members, in fact, have received numerous compliments from their Michigan counterparts regarding the care they received at Purdue.

Is this gamesmanship on behalf of Purdue? Poor planning on the part of Michigan? Or is it Jim Harbaugh being whiny? Does the Purdue response emphasize that Harbaugh is kind of a complainer? Or since it’s Purdue does anyone really care?

Oklahoma State and the Mullet

The Cowboys were one of the teams talked about at the beginning of the season as being potential playoff contenders. They seem to have an offense that’s capable of scoring a lot of points and a defense, finally, that was capable of stopping opponents at a rate conducive to producing a highly successful winning season.

That was not the case this weekend as they lost to TCU 44-31.

This most likely ends Oklahoma State’s run at the College Football Playoff, as their strength of schedule is pretty lousy and TCU and Oklahoma are the only ranked teams on their schedule.

Try again next year, Mullet Man!

Tanner Lee And Points

How can we NOT have Tanner Lee and his nation leading nine interceptions on the list. Yes, not all of them are his fault...but he’s still only completing 52% of his passes on the season. Against Rutgers, Lee was a pedestrian 13 of 26 passing for 109 yards, plus his third pick-6 of the season. His first interception of the game was his worst: thrown off his back foot, sailing into double coverage. You could almost see the drool marks from Blessaun Austin puddling on the field as he waited for the ball to come to him.


Who or What Sucked the most this week?

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    AC Gate! Jim Harbaugh the whiner? Purdue the gamers?
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  • 4%
    Oklahoma State blowing their playoff chances
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  • 81%
    Tanner Lee and points for the other team
    (545 votes)
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