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Big Red Cobcast: Illinight Night

Because we’re gonna put them to sleep.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t want to sound like a homer but...

I think we win the West this year. I know that you just rolled your eyes and if you listen to our Facebook Lives and podcasts then your saying, “Quit flip flopping, Tweedy. You’re just like that libtard, John Kerry”. First off, stop saying libtard, you animal and secondly, hey man can’t a dude change his mind?

I mean, seriously, hear me out.

Our schedule isn’t horrible. We can split Ohio State and Penn State. We beat Wiscy, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Purdue. BOOM! It’s that easy. Following the trend of INWT’s and we shouldn’t have anymore this season, our run game is on point, our defense is getting better each week and Bootles - Never forget about Bootles. He’s a future Hall Of Famer, so put some respect on it when you say his name. Make his name sound like you are saying it in cursive.

I’ll admit I panicked. I get that. It’s unbecoming. After a nice long frustration-cry, however, I realized that the Rutgers game was like that pick in the OSU game a few years back, when the fans started booing BO and the team made the biggest comeback in school history. Well, now it’s time to turn around this season. I have faith in Riley. I have faith in Diaco. Pretty much everyone but Coach Cav.

He still isn’t great. I think we can all agree on that.

Let me say this one last thing. I urge everyone to join me and only cheer. Always. No negativity, only positivity. It’s more fun to cheer for the underdog anyways. I have a game I play in seasons like this that we’ve had before. If I want to say a bad thing I have to say two positive things about the team first. I will be invoking that rule at my house for the rest of the season.

Plus if we cheer loudly for them and they still fail, then they have no more excuses.

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