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Nebraska Athletics: Chancellor & President Press Conference Notes On Athletic Director Opening

The Nebraska Chancellor speaks about his decision to dismiss Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst

Northern Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Here is a running diary of Chancellor Ronnie Green and President Hank Bounds’ press conference in which he discusses the dismissal of Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst on Thursday.

  • Green and others made the decision to dismiss Eichorst yesterday, with the disclosure of Eichorst and coaching staffs today, on Thursday.
  • Green: We believe the future of Husker Athletics is bright. “Competing at a high level is required for the success of Nebraska Athletics.”
  • Eichorst is due $1.7 million, through the end of his contract. The search for a new AD literally just started a few hours ago.
  • The search will expand to many others, but folks like former coach/AD Tom Osborne will be involved in the search.
  • Green feels like the competitive atmosphere of the entire AD needed some help.
  • Green states on the timing that “they want to get started on the work by bringing into a new leader”.
  • On Mike Riley “We expect Mike and all our sports to compete and do what they need to be successful. This is not about Mike Riley.
  • “Met with all our coaches this afternoon, they are all focused on this issue and ensuring the success of their teams”
  • Bounds on SE’s leadership rates: You couldn’t ask Shawn to do a better job with graduating and such, but it’s about competing.
  • Bounds: We have not been successful as Nebraska expects to be on the field.
  • Green: We expect the AD to use the resources we have and the coaches to use those as well. “We’re not satisfied with the results:
  • On Trev Alberts: “We have not spoken to anyone, we will speak with search firms and others, we are going to go after the most talented person we can find, so we’re not limiting to anyone or anyplace. We will use a search firm & consulting firm”
  • On finding the next person “Hesitant how many days, but in as fast and quickly as possible”.
  • On what happened during other AD searches: “We can’t make decisions based on history, we have to look at the market place.
  • Green: “Leader sets the tone for competitiveness.”
  • Balance between on field and off the field success: “Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. You can excel at both.”
  • Green: “we are looking for the leader who will represent the Huskers to the fanbase and the rest of the world.”
  • Green on Black Friday: “We understand the importance of that tradition. We reinforced the desire for that to be a tradition for us. We intend to move that forward.”
  • Green on the reaction from the fan base since the loss to NIU: “I hear from Husker fans all time. We have a passionate fan base, we’re very fortunate to have that fan base.”
  • Green: “(The next AD) will recommend to us, we have to approve those hires, they will make recommendations to us and we have to approve.”
  • On timing: The decision was made to move forward now.
  • “The most objective way to measure success is by wins and losses. We expect to be in every can be competitive and not win every game.”
  • “The message we’re trying to send is we want to build beyond where we are.”
  • How much is football related, how much is across the board? “We all understand the importance of football” “We also expect excellence in baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, track and field and gymnastics. Go on down the list. When we say all sports, we’re extending that to all teams.”
  • Green: On the report conducted last year on the status of the Athletic Department: “We got solid feedback about the morale within the department, but this was about competitiveness.”
  • Green: “No, we did not know (he would be addressing the media after the game on Saturday.)”
  • Green: “We’re investing in the future. We’re going to be competitive here. We’re committed to making that happen.”
  • Bounds: “Changes happen all over the place all the time. This was about being competitive in the future.”
  • Green: “I’d love to be back in the mid-1990’s”
  • Bounds:“Why shouldn’t we have those aspirations here?”
  • “Coach Osborne has a huge impact. Tom has been a valuable resource for him along the way. I will reach out to him and seek his counsel. I’m going to have him as a consultant along the side, as well as a number of others, in this process.”