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What Names Should You Watch For In Nebraska’s Search For The Next Athletic Director?

The job is open, the budget is big, but the programs need building back up.

Arkansas State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

So, Nebraska needs a new athletic director after the dismissal of Shawn Eichorst on Thursday. Question is, where do they go?

President Hank Bounds and Chancellor Ronnie Green spelled out that it will be a “national search” with search firms and such employed. While we can’t tell the university how to spend their money, we can throw some names out there for who could be looked at to get the next job.

Now, as a reminder, these are just suggestions. Nothing we know has linked anyone to the job yet, no matter what Larry the Cable Guy wants to tell you.

Trev Alberts

Nebraska-Omaha Athletic Director

While this would be the prudent choice, it is probably not the smartest one. UNO’s AD has no money after the debacle of Baxter Arena. The way Alberts went cheap on replacing Dean Blais for the cheaper product in Mike Gabinet, who has little experience. So, knowing what Trev did for UNO, you know, kill the football program for more capital for himself in the BoR, would you trust him with this program, with a probable North Stadium demo, at least two programs needing big hires coming soon, with a third if it flames out at Hawks Field?

Chris Hill

Utah AD who hired Urban Meyer and Kyle Whittingham as football coaches. Oversaw construction and improvement of many Utah athletics facilities.

I wouldn’t mind this, that being said he’s probably pretty comfortable with what he’s got going in Utah. One has to be happy in the Pac12 and being the best program in his state already.

Bernard Muir

Stanford AD with Midwestern connections. Former AD at Georgetown and Delaware. Currently serves on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee.

Muir is a hell of a AD, marketing a very tough to get into school and making sure that the Cardinal’s name is out there.

However, good luck getting someone out of the realm of Palo Alto and how tight things stay to the school. It’s a nice name to think about, but one that’s probably not realistic.

Christine Rawak

Delaware AD with Midwestern roots at Michigan and Northwestern. Oversees many solid athletic programs at Delaware including football.

Would Nebraska be in the realm for a female athletic director? That’s a very good question, especially if they’re qualified.

Chris Del Conte

TCU Athletic Director

Considered one of the top young athletic directors in the country. He took over as TCU’s athletic director in October of 2009. In that time, TCU has made the jump to the Big 12 Conference, opened a new football stadium, and had a $72 million renovation done to their basketball arena. Oh and the TCU football program has been very successful since he took over at TCU.

He has hit a home run with the hire of Jamie Dixon for basketball, has a pretty good football program & one of the top baseball programs in America. It’s what every Nebraska fan should wish their AD could be.