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Nebraska Football: Five Reasons The Huskers Lose To Rutgers

This didn’t seem possible a few weeks ago. Now?...

Morgan State v Rutgers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I jokingly threatened to stop doing these if we lost to Northern Illinois. You know why I made that joke? BECAUSE I NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULD ACTUALLY LOSE TO NORTHERN ILLINOIS!!

Sadly, those days of jokes are over. Nebraska has proven that they can lose to anyone and there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than five reasons. If you think I left one out, put yours in the comments, this should be my most commented article ever.

Anyway, before I start crying here are just......


  1. Nebraska’s Offense- Didn’t think this would be such a big issue. It is. Tre Bryant may not play, taking our best offensive weapon away, but the bigger issue is that the Rutgers uniforms look a LOT like the Northern Illinois uniforms and Tanner Lee LOVES to throw TD passes to guys in that uniform. Oh and also our offensive line also isn’t good. I could go on.
  2. Nebraska’s Defense- Yes, our defense improved, but on the ONE DRIVE they needed to buckle down they gave up a 56 yard bomb to a QB who isn’t sure what arm he throws with. Most of our defensive success this year has come against teams sitting on leads, not really trying to score. Our problem is that when the opponent is really trying to score, they usually do. That isn’t good.
  3. Nebraska’s Special Teams- No one would have thought after DPE’s freshman year that we would be witnessing such a drop off year after year (after year). The fact that our punting has been so great doesn’t really cheer me up because having your punter be your best player is generally a bad sign.
  4. Nebraska’s Coaching- Let’s face it, as badly as Tanner Lee played and the offensive line played and everything else it all comes down to the coaching. On the first drive against Northern why do you throw a screen 40 yards across the field when you are in the red zone? And it seems like a lot of blockers are dropping passes and a lot of playmakers are missing blocks. Maybe switch them around?
  5. Something Rutgers does?- I suppose the Scarlet Knights deserve some mention here as they are the opponent Saturday. It is within the realm of possibility that they come out firing on all cylinders and just straight up beat us. But everything I’ve seen this year suggests that our biggest obstacle to winning won’t be Rutgers, it will be ourselves.