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Nebraska Hangs On To Beat Arkansas State, Barely: OVERREACTION THREAD!!!!

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska hung on late to beat Arkansas State 43-36. Nebraska’s offense performed well most of the night, but failed to run the game out when leading 41-26 late in the fourth quarter. They allowed the Red Wolves to score a late touchdown, and then recover an offside kick with :47 left.

The Red Wolves drove the ball to the 11 yard line after a long reception and a personal foul penalty against Nebraska. Arkansas State quarterback Justice Hansen had two shots at the end zone. The first went into and out of Justin McGinnis’ hands for an incompletion. The second went over the head of Kendrick Edwards.

Nebraska’s defense gave up 415 yards to Hansen, who went 46-for-68 with three touchdowns and two interceptions. Chris Murray was the leading receiver for ASU, getting nine receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown. Edwards had eight receptions for 100 yards and a touchdown.

Nebraska did decently on offense, well enough to win the game. Tanner Lee was good, going 19-for-32 for 238 yards and two touchdowns. Tre Bryant was the star of the night on the ground, with 31 rushes for 192 yards and a touchdown.

The big story will be clock management and Nebraska’s defense. The Huskers failed to finish the game with the same flurry they’d shown to finish the game that they’d shown throughout the second half, at least on offense.

And whatever the hell the Huskers were thinking on defense... I’m sure we’ll spend the week wondering. A clue came from announcer Glen Mason, however. He stated late in the game that Nebraska's defense was "showing the same look every time".

We played this game vanilla. Oregon has nothing to look at other than a vanilla 3-4 defense for next week. If you’re wondering why we didn’t blitz a lot, there it is. If you’re wondering why we played off receivers, there it is.

That wasn’t the problem with the game. The problem was in not running the damned game out at the end. Lackadaisically farting around on offense, throwing passes when they weren’t needed and snapping the damned ball with a lot of time on the clock. That part of the game management in inexcusable and pathetic. It nearly cost Nebraska a game.