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Nebraska vs Arkansas State: The Game Thread!

Welcome to the first game of the 2017 season!

Sales season is over!

It’s time to deliver the goods and find out what is real, and what is bullshit.

This offseason has been filled in abundance with stories about:

  • Tanner Lee and his potential for NFL greatness
  • Bob Diaco, his 3-4 defense, and his high energy energy energy
  • Every player that could contribute in any way possible
  • Whether the offensive line can actually be offensive
  • What coach is next to be fired (just kidding, that’s a fan discussion, not a media story)

Welcome to the first Corn Nation Nebraska football game thread of the 2017 season. No one knows what’s going to happen; how many question marks on this Nebraska team will be filled in with positive answers.

Tonight we start to find those answers!

Have fun!

And Don’t Be Mean!