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Big Red Cobcast: A Memorial For Nebraska Football

I want to reminisce on the life of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and give them the memorial that they deserve.

It’s always sad to lose something when you know that they had so much more to give. But they’ve had a good life - a good run, if you will.

It’s ironic that I said that because they don’t run anymore.

In the 37 years that I’ve had a relationship with the Cornhuskers, I watched them go through their ups and downs. Honestly more downs than ups. There were 10 solid years, but I slowly started watching them go down hill. In retrospect, I should have seen it coming. When they started talking to Steve Pederson, I thought, “that’s weird,” but what did I know? I wasn’t on the Board Of Regents. When I first saw Bill Callahan, I thought, “that guy’s trouble”. I told them not to hang out with him, and after awhile they stopped.

Eventually, they made a new friend, Bo Pelini. Bo called everybody c&*nts. You couldn’t take him anywhere. It was embarrassing. Then... a nice guy came along. Finally. Mike Riley was such a good dude. I would have never thought he could murder my beloved Huskers, but he did. At 12:30 PST on September 16th, 2017, Mike Riley killed the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was cold blooded. He did it in Nebraska’s own house. He made everyone the Nebraska Cornhuskers knows and loves watch him do it. Even some of his enemies got to sneak a peek.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers were so tough when they were younger. They would always run straight into “stuff” until “stuff” got tired and fell over. The Nebraska Cornhuskers never got tired. On the rare occasion that they did, they never gave up. They were never a quitter.

Nebraska didn’t need flashy things. They were humble. Even their trick play was just to lay the football on the ground. That’s a really basic thing to do. It’s like the dad joke of football plays.

But it worked.

Nebraska would always find a way to make it work when they were younger. They were a winner. That’s just what Nebraska did. I guess all that winning got to Nebraska’s head until winning wasn’t enough anymore. They had to find something new - a way to win differently. Except they never found it.

While trying to find themselves, they somehow lost themselves. Isn’t that how it always goes?

R.I.P Nebraska Cornhuskers. You’ll never be forgotten.


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