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Mike Riley Press Conference: Injuries on the Offensive Line

The Nebraska HC faced the music today in his press conference

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley held his weekly press conference today. Nobody’s been fired that we know of. The bad news is that there are more injuries. They seem to be piling up. If you think, “Why are there so many injuries? Our strength and conditioning must suck!”, I’d suggest you look around the nation at other teams and you will discover that guys get injured when 300 pound grow men mash into each other repeatedly for our entertainment.

A struggling offense line gets bad news:

Matt Farniok and David Knevel are probably out for this weekend, because Nebraska needs more linemen injured. If you’re thinking, “those guys suck anyway”, then I’d ask, what happens if Jaimes and Gaylord get injured?

The most obvious line from the entire press conference came early regarding the play of the offensive line. “Technique of play” might as well read, “questionable coaching”, shouldn’t it?

It’d be good to have Tre Bryant back in the lineup, but we have three decent backs with him, Mikale Wilbon and Devine Ozigbo. The backs aren’t the problem - the ability to block and the will to run the ball are.

Then the talk turned to “big picture” talk.

You know what they say about “best intentions”...

The gauntlet is laid out.

On Eichorst’s comments from Saturday which Riley apparently hasn’t seen:

If you’re wondering why Riley wouldn’t have seen Eichorst’s comments... it’s because Riley has bigger problems to worry about than reading media reports and articles on what his athletic director is saying. In fact, it would be dumb for Riley to be spending any time reading any media.

The only thing that should matter to Mike Riley now is fixing his offense. Do that, and the problems with the athletic director and media simply go away.


... again

Yes, the end of everything.

Back to Saturday’s game:

On to Rutgers:

Mikale Wilbon pretty much summed up the offense’s perspective on what happened.

I suspect the message that it can’t be “out of sync” anymore should be readily apparent.