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Corn Flakes: It’s A Big Ten Cupcake Eatin’ Weekend

There are nearly no “good” games this weekend for the Big Ten, which is another way of saying that it’s the most dangerous weekend of all. RIP Grant Hart.

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NCAA Football: Ohio at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Not a great football lineup for the Big Ten Conference this weekend, unless you like feasting on nothing but cupcakes. This is a good weekend for the Big Ten to take care business and get themselves as many bowl eligible, resume-stuffing wins as possible.

Here's your list of games:

  • Illinois vs South Florida
  • Air Force vs Michigan
  • NIU vs Nebraska
  • FIU vs Indiana - canceled
  • Morgan State vs Rutgers
  • North Texas vs Iowa
  • Middle Tennessee vs Minnesota
  • Wisconsin vs BYU
  • Purdue vs Missouri
  • Army vs Ohio State
  • Georgia State vs Penn State
  • Bowling Green vs Northwestern

Illinois might have one of the more interesting games of the weekend, although the spread on this game has South Florida favored by 17.5 points. Both teams are undefeated at 2 – 0. Neither team has faced a really tough opponent. This is a chance for Illinois to show something. Or maybe it'll be over by halftime.

Rutgers really needs to step it up this week. There are only so many winnable games for them and they need to knock this one off so that maybe they could counted toward a bowl game.

Minnesota, Iowa, Penn State, Northwestern… Well, just about everyone in the conference needs to destroy their opponents this weekend.

You might think Wisconsin versus BYU is interesting, but BYU can't score. They are 1 – 2 and so far this season they are averaging 11 points per game. I don't know what the point spread is for this game, but I really don't care because BYU is going to get killed. The Badgers have found their running back for the season and he's a good one – Jonathan Taylor.

Could Air Force give Michigan some grief? Maybe for one half. Could Army give Ohio State some grief? Maybe for one half. On the other hand both these Big Ten juggernauts have to figure out what they're doing on offense. If they expect to be among the elite in the nation they're going to have to be much more consistent. That especially goes for Ohio State, whom at this point is 74th nationally in touchdowns scored after two games.

The most interesting game of this weekend is Purdue versus Missouri. Missouri is favored by a touchdown, which is a rather weird spread given that in the first two games the Boilermakers have looked much improved while Missouri struggled with Missouri State, giving up a ton of points, and then got beat up 31 – 14. Any time you see a Big Ten team play a SEC team you want to see a win. That's how goes between these conferences. (Granted, Iowa, or Michigan… You get the idea)


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This is fun AND terrifying.

Champion Irish greyhound tests positive for cocaine - The Washington Post
“You can pass traces of cocaine by handling money,” Holland told the Times. “When a dog wins a race, people are walking up to the dog and patting it on the head. If they have cocaine on their hands, they can pass that to the dog and it can come out in a urine sample.”

Then There’s This

Grant Hart Dead: Husker Du Drummer Dies at 56 | Variety

Variety has confirmed that Grant Hart, drummer of influential punk band Husker Du, is dead. He was 56 and had been battling cancer.

I cried.

First Walter Becker, now this.

I guess this is what it’s like getting older - watching all your childhood and college years influences and loves die off one by one.

I moved to Minneapolis in 1987 after I graduated from Nebraska. My original goal was to try to get into the film industry doing sound. I studied film and photography at Nebraska, in my teenage years I spent my summers installing professional sound systems, including the sound system at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field.

My reason for choosing Minneapolis was influenced by Husker Du and The Replacements, two bands I loved then and continue to love now. I loved their raw sound, their angst, and their energy.

But Wait There’s More!

Fundraiser by Michael Welke : Huskers helping Huskers/Irma
Michael Welke needs your help today! Huskers helping Huskers/Irma - Helping raise money to help two fellow Husker families who live in Jacksonville Fl and sustained substantial damage. One family is a military family who are supposed to be changing duty stations soon, so they need to get their current house fixed asap.