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Corn Flakes: Cranky Old Columnists Have It Best? And A Message to the CN Community

A message to the CN community, and I wonder if cranky old columnists (COCs) aren’t on to something.

Nebraska v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Our standard mode of operation has been the same for years; Wednesdays we start looking forward to the next opponent. Wednesday is the day that Mike has done his opponent preview for probably around 10 years. The Oregon game is behind us and Northern Illinois lies ahead.

I have had a hard time processing the first two games of the season. I try to remain realistic but it's difficult to not be excited about every single Nebraska football season. Having said that, watching our defense in the first two games of the season and in giving up 42 points to Oregon in the first half… Let's just say I've lost a lot of faith in this coaching staff. I hate to say that because normally I'm the the Pollyanna of our group – at least that's how I always always seen myself.

This seems to be the way it goes now. Every football season is a roller coaster ride. One week we're up and the next week were down. We all know that winning can cure these ills, but that doesn't describe what it's like to be a Minnesota Gopher fan or a Purdue Boilermaker fan, or quite frankly any of the other fan bases that don't see themselves as having to achieve conference titles as their measure of success.

Maybe it's not just the football performance that's bugging me.

I could do without all the drama.

Already this season we've had the Nebraska media going to shrieking mode over the fact that their defensive coordinator didn't talk to them after a game. We've had drama about a Black Friday game being moved, and the opponent being changed to Minnesota, even though the move is a few years in the future.

Then there's the increased drama over the Blackshirt defense.

"Why did they give out 16 Blackshirts?"

Because it's tradition. That's the proper answer. That's the proper answer to 90% of the crap we go ape about.

The other answer is – it would not have mattered if they gave out 16, 20, 11, or zero Blackshirts, they would've been wrong.

I think that's the thing that's probably bothering me most besides the lousy performance of our football season.

It doesn't matter what our team does nor what our athletic department does; they're wrong. We have two major papers in our state who are going to make sure that you know they're wrong no matter how minor the subject.

It was wrong to make Bob Diaco talk to the media. The athletic department is gutless in that regard. I understand why they do it - they need the media to sell this program to the fans because heaven help the athletic director in charge the day the sellout streak ends.

Back to Diaco. There is nothing he's going to say that will make a difference, except to the cranky old columnists (COCs) who need more fuel for the fire and rather than having to think about it, they’d just rather ridicule whatever our coaches have to say. Funny thing is, after they'd written their screeching columns about a coordinator not speaking to them after a game, most of them didn't bother to show up when he did speak on Monday. That's because they couldn't probably be bothered to get their fat asses out of their seats and go listen to the guy when they can just get a release or recording and write everything from that.

Did that sound cranky enough?

It felt good.

Perhaps these COCs are on to something. Maybe I’ve been wrong all this time. Pollyanna can go to hell. It's much, much easier to be cranky than it is to look for something good the way the Nebraska started out the season. Maybe I'll try a new approach. What’s the old cliche’?

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Now a word about our website community.

It’s gotten pretty testy on the website lately. There is a lot of sniping going on and it needs to stop. You guys pay attention to your relationships with each other – you know who supports Mike Riley and who doesn't. You know which one of you is enthusiastic about this football season and who sees us as destined for mediocrity forever. I am guessing – with a great deal of probability – that you also remember when you insult each other and you carry that from day to day and week to week.

I don’t follow any of these things. There are too many of you, honestly, and I have a hard time just keeping track of all the writers we have here now.

What I'm trying to tell you is this – start treating each other with more respect and lay off the personal attacks or I'm going to start banning people. When I start banning people I won't give a damn about how many comments you've made in the past or how active you’ve been on this website.

This season might be hard enough to deal with as it is without us all turning on each other. So please, treat each other with kindness and if you have a problem with a community member just don't respond to them. It's okay to let things go sometimes.

Thank you.

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Then There’s This

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I’d consider myself an Apple fanboi.

This is being type on a Macbook Pro, the only laptop I’ve owned for the past, oh, 15 years (obviously several models). I have an iPhone. I guess that’s about it.

I’m interested in an Apple Watch, but I’m not paying over $300 for it. I’d like a new Apple TV, but at $179, it seems to be overkill.

The new iPhone? Probably ain’t buying it. I don’t buy my own phone, work does, but I’m not going to spend this damned much money on phones for my family. If we need new phones, it’ll be time to get creative and find some older model iPhones or look at new models we really hadn’t considered before.