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Nebraska Football: Tuesday Practice Report

Bob Diaco and some defensive players were the focus of the media after the workout.

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers are in week two of Fall Camp! They had a practice yesterday, today, and will tomorrow. But what makes today’s practice special is the media time after practice for some players and coaches!

Since it’s a Tuesday, DC Bob Diaco and members of the defensive side of the ball were made available. Here are the highlights of today’s media session.

The DOG Linebacker is usually the strong-side LB in the Diaco 3-4 system, That means that Bray & the staff must think that Tyrin Ferguson, who redshirted last season, is ready to go.

We’ve always known Marcus Newby as the more pass-rushing one, so this comment makes sense. Luke Gifford has come a long way with Trent Bray in 3 seasons. We have it from two sources, so you know it’s true!

I have a hard time seeing Ben Stille playing every down, but if he can create some depth to help out, I think that’s his ceiling this season for Nebraska’s defense.

Trust me, Mr. Davis, we all want to see it as well.

I think Scott Booker’s biggest challenge, other than trying to protect Caleb Lightbourn, is to get Lightbourn to take a big Freshman to Sophomore leap. No one can hold last year on Caleb; he was forced to be the man after the Sam Foltz tragedy. That being said, it’s Caleb’s job now and he needs to be the guy who we thought he was when he signed with the Huskers.

One of the best rules anyone can have in their lives is not to mess with the quiet ones. You simply don’t do it. Related, Nebraska NEEDS this guy on the field on Special Teams. A Navy SEAL won’t allow a punt to get taken back for a TD.

And now we’ve reached the Diaco part of the show:

While I completely appreciate what Mike is saying here, there’s installation and then transition to ability to perform. You can install all the stuff you want, but if it doesn’t get applied on the field and used to win football games, did it work out?

Again, interesting to see how Diaco treats that throughout the year. Playing the hotter hand may be in the best interest of Bob and getting through this year.

The Huskers keep practicing this week, where Danny Langsdorf & the offense will speak on Thursday. Then, after Saturday’s workout, Mike Riley will address the media.