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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Visitors For The Arkansas State Game

A couple officials plus one big unofficial highlight the visitor group this week

Crosswell Student Sports

Well well well, here we are. The first weekend of the College Football season. And with it, some visitors will make their way to Lincoln.

I do dig the Labor Day weekend for visitors, especially since it’s a long one & it seems that Nebraska does get lucky with being the evening game the past couple of years.

Last season, the Huskers spent some ammo getting some big time firepower to Lincoln for the Fresno State game. However, it didn’t really translate into verbals. Matter of factly, it only got one player that is on the team now in Damion Daniels. However, it appears the Nebraska Football back office is going to focus on the Ohio State & Wisconsin games to get some prime visitors into town.

There are not a lot of visitors coming this weekend, however the ones that will be making the trip have some interest in Nebraska. As always, this list fluctuates and we will make sure that it stays updated.

Official Visitors:

WR Isaah Crocker: The Top 200 Wideout from Sacramento was going to cancel his OV due to his Father falling ill. However, it sounds like someone from his family stepped up and will make the trip with Isaah to Lincoln.

The tea leaves read that Crocker’s Dad is all about Nebraska and would be beyond excited to have him in Lincoln with Keith Williams. There’s a lot of play right now about Crocker on commit watch.

While I did throw in a Crystal Ball for him, I would want to temper it a little bit as it seems guys who come to Lincoln first don’t tend to make it their decision. However, I do think that Crocker does become a Husker in the end, due to the need at the position & how many WR’s Nebraska wants to take.

Possible - S Aashari Crosswell: There’s rumbling that the four-star Safety may be tagging along onto the trip as well.

What’s the pull here? Donte’ Williams, of course. He’s been recruiting Crosswell since he was at Augustus Hawkins HS.

If that sounds familiar, it’s the same HS that Joseph Lewis & Greg Hawkins went to as they were recruited by both Nebraska & Williams at Arizona.

Unofficial Visitor - WR Joshua Moore:

The Yoakum WR will be heading to Lincoln with his family to take in the weekend. There were these odd whispers that his brother Jordan was coming with him. As far as I know, don’t believe the hype on that one.

WR Cameron Brown: Of course I publish the second before I find out, but word is that Cameron will be joining Moore in Lincoln this weekend.

As always, there’s going to be a few folks that come under the radar. As they are known, we’ll update this post for you all.

UPDATE: The Huskers will be hosting ‘19 Tight End Ryland Goeke out of Kennesaw, Georgia on an unofficial.