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Going Into Nebraska Athletics New Clear Bag Policy

Welcome to the new standard when attending a Huskers game of any kind.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

One of the new policies that you’ll have to adhere to when going to Memorial Stadium or Pinnacle Bank Arena or ANYWHERE for a home Nebraska event is the new bag policy.

This policy, which has been enacted in many stadiums and arenas across America in both professional & college events, is pretty straightforward.

If you’re more a picture person, this is perfect for you right here:

It’s pretty clear cut what you can and can’t take into Memorial Stadium anymore. It may seem annoying when you think of things like a diaper bag, or items for medical reasons. However this is a policy that is going along with many stadiums.

For instance, take the policy of AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

AT&T Stadium/Dallas Cowboys

The Nebraska policy does allow some things that AT&T does not, like seat cushions. That being said, the policies do tend to seem similar.

Don’t fret if you think you need a bag for medical reasons. The University does mention that bags needed for medical reasons will be allowed on a per-case reason, with proper inspection

The list of prohibited items does change a bit with the new bag policy. The list is now:

Purses larger than a clutch bag




Fanny packs

Solid drawstring bags

Luggage of any kind

Computer bags

Camera bags

Binocular Cases

Diaper Bags

Any bag larger than the permissible size

Non-approved seat cushions and chairbacks*

*Non-approved seat cushions and chairbacks include large traditional seat cushions that have backs or metal fastenings. Seat cushions must be 16" or less in width.

So, why do stadiums do this? Quite simply, it’s to help the guest get through security clearance much faster and streamline the process of ingress for everyone. Hopefully the University will have folks around the stadium reminding folks about this policy.

Each Nebraska season ticket holder was given one clear bag for each ticket that they purchased, so this should not be an issue to most. That being said, if you’re buying tickets on the corner, it’s a good reminder that ignorance will not be tolerated and you may be stuck putting something valuable you own back in the car or, even worse, in the garbage before you go in. That’s if you go in at all.

There will be bickering on this, especially on social media because that’s what it’s there for. That is no excuse for not knowing what is going down, however.

Bottom line is that planning before you head into the seating area is always encouraged. You probably can put whatever you need for a game in your pocket or in that clear bag. Heck, I know that gallon bags aren’t very appealing, but it’s better than having nothing at all.