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Nebraska Football: Thursday Practice Report With Danny Langsdorf

The offense spoke after Thursday’s workout

David McGee

Another Nebraska preseason practice is in the bag.

Here’s a gathering of comments from Nebraska’s regular media folks...

This could be taken as a disappointing comment from Langsdorf, but it’s still early in camp. He could just as well used the old Pelini line about “competition, competition, competition”, but it’s probably the same meaning.

Unless nobody is really standing out, and then, well, screw it, the SEASON IS LOST.

I have a person in my life who constantly uses the phrase - “Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey...” whenever we’re about to embark on a particularly tough or tricky project.

At least Mike Cavanaugh acknowledges where he’s at, and says the right things that will make everyone happy until we’re not substituting on the line on a regular basis, or not averaging 55 run plays a game with a 7.5 yard per carry average - in other words, about three quarters through the first game of the season against Arkansas State.

Yay, Cole Conrad!

Imua. It’s even in the Urban Dictionary. Never heard of it.

If you asked me... I’d say Tyjon Lindsey probably has the highest probably of making a splash as a true freshman this season. It’s funny, though, how easily we dismiss the older players and start looking at the new guys with that expectation, though, just like all the girls started talking about the new boy in town with anticipation before he even showed up in school.

I want to see the Venn diagram of weed smokers, mayo-haters and mustard lovers. Get on that, community. These comments came in the context of Stanley Morgan Jr’s issues with the weed.

True statement, whether you like weed, support legalization of weed, hate weed, whatever.

I didn’t include some tweets about true freshmen because I really don’t care all that much about most of the true freshmen. Lindsey, yes, because I would bet he’d see the field this season.

Jaylin Bradley? Yay! Talk him up in practice, but if he’s “in the mix” at running back, then all that means to me is that Reggie Davis and our other experienced backs have failed. Sorry if I discount the “new guy”, but it’s rare that freshman make the impact we want.

Where the hell is Mikale Wilbon? Is he on a milk carton? WTF?

[Update - We got more information on a release from the athletic department that included more detailed information about the running backs group]

Langsdorf also commented on the running back group.

“It’s been a good rotation between [Mikale] Wilbon and [Devine] Ozigbo,” he said. “We’ve been able to get Jaylin Bradley some work and that’s been kind of fun to see. [Tre] Bryant has gotten a lot of good reps. There’s a fuller four-man rotation there, which is heavy but I like the way we’ve been able to hit some inside runs. They’ve increased a few things. Jaylin Bradley has done really well at catching the ball in the backfield which has been fun to see. We’ve got some good, hard runs from Tre [Bryant] and Devine [Ozigbo]. As a whole, it’s a good group, really solid group.”

Langsdorf made additional comments regarding freshman Jaylin Bradley.

“He’s really athletic and talented, which has stood out to me,” Langsdorf said. “He has a ways to go and understanding what we’re doing but he’s working on it. When he has the ball in his hands, he’s explosive and fun to see. He’s had a couple of really nice runs, a lot of screening and came out of the backfield nicely, so he’s doing a good job of showing what he has talent wise. He just has to continue to learn but he’s been pushing this group. It’s been fun seeing how quickly he’s picked it up.”