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Big Red Cobcast: Future Husker Legends

The season begins this Saturday. And the Big Red Cobcast guys can't wait to find out who will become the next legendary figures in Husker lore.

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Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This is it. This is the final episode of The Big Red Cobcast before the season. More importantly, it’s the final Big Red Cobcast before Nebraska returns to national prominence and becomes a national champion once again.

Listening to the pre-season Cobcast before the start of a national championship season? That will soon become a time-honored tradition. The only thing that will keep such an event from happening every year in the future is if you d-bags don’t visit our advertisers’ web pages and we’re suddenly too broke to do this podcast again in coming years.* BECAUSE NEBRASKA IS ABOUT TO START A RUN OF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN.

Picture how you feel when your kid takes a picture with Ndamukong Suh. Imagine how much thought you put into deciding whether you should wear a #98 jersey or a #15 jersey on game day. Think about the stupid memes, highlight videos, Twitter hashtags and craft projects we all make in honor of the Husker legends of yore.

In a matter of time, very little time, you’ll be gushing with pride as you snap a pic with Deontre Thomas. You’ll be digging through your closet deciding between your white #96 jersey or your red #13 on future Saturdays. Before long, we’ll tagging posts with #MSM because it will be Matt Snyder Monday.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow winning went from the expected thing at Nebraska to the thing we expect to have ripped from our grasp. Now, there is no expectation. None. Neither high nor low. It’s college football purgatory.

Remember this moment because this is the moment expectations return. There will be no more surprises. Starting Saturday, Husker football is back. And all will return to normal.**

*But seriously, please support our sponsors.

**And just in case it doesn’t, we’ll be here to yell, rant, rave and find excuses.

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