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Nebraska Football: Mike Riley’s Arkansas State Press Conference

The Huskers head coach talked about preparation for the Red Wolves

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Riley took to the podium late Monday morning, in preparation for his team’s season opener Saturday night vs. Arkansas State.

The first business of the day? BLACKSHIRTS.

If you saw the depth chart piece, this should be elementary on who should get it. That being said, will it be Bo-like where everyone seemed to get one, or just 11-13 players like Mark Banker?

I would not be surprised if that list grows by a few names by conference play. You can add Damion Daniels to that list too.

Same theory with Patrick O’Brien last year applies here. Gebbia will be ready, but won’t be used til needed.

I would like to see how Reggie Davis applies this whole theory. Obviously, the staff has an idea of what is workable with all three. That being said, the likelihood of all four scholarship guys staying healthy is not good, Bob.

This is for your daily dose of Tanner Lee hype. The ship has gone plaid in its speed, but Lee is going to be the focal point of the hype on this team. Saturday night is crucial to see if it is to be believed.

With the Stanley Morgan/Antonio Reed issue in Florida being before camp, this does not ring true. By the way, nothing came out on their punishment, if there is any. If it does, bet it comes down Thursday before the game.

One thing that will be interesting to see is how this energy is on the field as Bob Diaco will be in the booth calling defensive sets. Yes, Bob is a sparkplug. But being away from the sideline keeps him from showing it to the players.