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Nebraska Football: Arkansas State Depth Chart

The first two-deep of the season is here!

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves this weekend.

Who is on the two-deep? WE NOW KNOW.

Couple of takes from this:

  • Tre Bryant and Mikale Wilbon AND Devine Ozigbo as co-RB1 is kind of a surprise. Nice to see Wilbon off the milk carton though!
  • Two true freshmen backing up Mick Stoltenberg should tell you what John Parrella thinks of Deontre Thomas and Damion Daniels.
  • Kind of surprised at Luke Gifford being behind Marcus Newby at OLB. With all we heard of Gifford improving this fall, he should probably be starting.
  • The Tristan Gebbia as QB2 theories rest, at least for this week. Patrick O’Brien starts off as the man behind Tanner Lee.

** We will update with a text form of the depth chart shortly for easier reading for some. - SC&S

A text version of the depth chart:

OFFENSE, whose job it is to score touchdowns:

Offensive Line, best known for offending Nebraska fans for decades now

Left Tackle

#68 Nick Gates, Jr.

#65 Christian Gaylord, So.

#76 Brendan Jaimes, Fr.

Left Guard

#67 Jerald Foster, Jr. [Captain]

#50 John Rairdon, RFr.

#74 Jalin Barnett, So.


#62 Cole Conrad, Jr.

#79 Michael Decker, So.

Right Guard

#63 Tanner Farmer, Jr.

#56 Boe Wilson, RFr.

Right Tackle

#77 David Knevel, Sr.

#71 Matt Farniok, RFr.

Average Starter Weight: 305 lbs (1525 lbs total)

Average Backup Weight: 301 lbs (1505 lbs total)


#88 Tyler Hoppes, Sr.

# 86 Jack Stoll, RFr.


#89 Connor Ketter, Sr.

#85 Matt Snyder, So.

Remember when Tim Beck said TEs were obsolete.

The Hopes and Dreams of All Nebraska Quarterback

#13 Tanner Lee, Jr. [Captain]

#12 Patrick O’Brien, RFr.

#14 Tristan Gebbia, Fr.


#18 Tre Bryant, So.


#21 Mikale Wilbon, Jr.


#22 Devine Ozigbo, Jr.

#33 Jaylin Bradley, Fr.

Andy Janovich Endowed Chair of Wrecking Ball (Fullback)

#41 Luke McNitt, Sr. [Captain]

#23 Austin Rose, Jr.

Wide Receiver (X)

#8 Stanley Morgan Jr., Jr.

#83 Bryan Reimers, Jr.

#87 Conor Young, So.

Wide Receiver (Y)

#10 JD Spielman, RFr.

#81 Gabe Rahn, Sr.

#9 Keyan Williams, Jr.

Wide Receiver (Z)

#15 De’Mornay Pierson-El, Sr.

#1 Tyjon Lindsey, Fr.

#80 Brett Classen, Sr.


DEFENSE, whose job it is to stop the other team from scoring.

Seems worth noting.

Weak-Side Defensive End

#81 Freedom Akinmoladun, Jr. [Blackshirt]

#94 Khalil Davis, So. [Blackshirt]

#95 Ben Stille, RFr.

Nose Tackle (Do not poke)

#44 Mick Stoltenberg, Jr. [Blackshirt]

#97 Deontre Thomas, Fr.


#93 Damion Daniels, Fr.

Strong-Side Defensive End

#96 Carlos Davis, So. [Blackshirt]

#99 Peyton Newell, Jr.

#9 DaiShon Neal, So.

#76 Dylan Owen, Jr.

Weak-Side Outside Linebacker

#3 Marcus Newby, Sr. [Blackshirt]

#12 Luke Gifford, Jr. [Blackshirt]

#43 Tyrin Ferguson, So.

Weak-Side Inside Linebacker

#49 Chris Weber, Sr. [Captain] [Blackshirt]

#14 Avery Roberts, Fr.

#31 Collin Miller, RFr.

Strong-Side Inside Linebacker

#5 Dedrick Young II, Jr. [Blackshirt]

#7 Mohamed Barry, So. [Blackshirt]

#57 Jacob Weinmaster, So.

Strong-Side Outside Linebacker

#22 Alex Davis, So. [Blackshirt]

#17 Sedrick King, Jr.


#6 Eric Lee Jr., So. [Blackshirt]

#23 Dicaprio Bootle, RFr. [Blackshirt]

#4 Avery Anderson, So.


#46 Joshua Kalu, Sr. [Captain] [Blackshirt]

#19 Marquel Dismuke, RFr.

#26 Kieron Williams, Sr.

Safety (Until Chris Jones returns from IR)

#24 Aaron Williams, Jr. [Blackshirt]

#25 Antonio Reed, Jr. [Blackshirt]

#28 Eli Sullivan, RFr.


#21 Lamar Jackson, So. [Blackshirt]

#42 Jeremiah Stovall, So.

#2 Tony Butler, RFr.


SPECIAL TEAMS, whose job it is to keep us safe from our mistakes and successes.

Place Kicker

#34 Drew Brown, Sr.

#95 Kramer Rath, Sr.


#35 Caleb Lightbourn, So.

#98 Issac Armstrong, So.

Long Snapper

#54 Jordan Ober, Jr.

#92 Chase Urbach, So.

Holder (QB1)

#2 Zach Darlington, Jr.

Kickoff Returner

#10 JD Spielman, RFr.

#1 Tyjon Lindsey, Fr.

#33 Jaylin Bradely, Fr.

Punt Returner

#15 De’Mornay Pierson-El, Sr.

#8 Stanley Morgan Jr., Jr.

#1 Tyjon Lindsey, Fr.

In true Nebraska form, blockers were not identified or confirmed.

Injured Reserve

#4 Jaevon McQuitty, WR

#8 Chris Jones, CB

#13 JoJo Domann, S

Position Groups By Year

Position Group Freshmen RS Freshmen/Soph. Juniors Seniors
Position Group Freshmen RS Freshmen/Soph. Juniors Seniors
Offense, 1st String 0 2 6 5
Offense, 2nd String 1 8 3 1
Defense, 1st String 0 4 4 3
Defense, 2nd String 2 5 4 0

Offensive Career Starts

Offense Year Position # Of D1 Football Starts
Offense Year Position # Of D1 Football Starts
Nick Gates Junior OT 23
Tanner Lee Junior QB 19
De'Mornay Pierson-El Senior WR 13
Stanley Morgan, Jr. Junior WR 12
Tanner Farmer Junior OG 11
David Knevel Senior OT 10
Cole Conrad Junior OL 5
Jerald Foster Junior OG 4
Luke McNitt Senior FB 2
Devine Ozigbo Junior IB 1
Bryan Reimers Junior WR 1

Defensive Career Starts

Defense Year Position # Of D1 Football Starts
Defense Year Position # Of D1 Football Starts
Joshua Kalu Senior DB 28
Dedrick Young Junior LB 20
Chris Jones Senior CB 20
Freedom Akinmoladun Junior DE 17
Aaron Williams Junior S 14
Marcus Newby Senior LB 10
Mick Stoltenberg Junior NT 9
Kieron Williams Senior S 9
Carlos Davis Sophomore DL 4
Chris Weber Senior LB 4
Lamar Jackson Sophomore CB 1
Antonio Reed Junior S 1

Special Teams Career Starts

Special Teams Year Position # Of D1 Football Starts
Special Teams Year Position # Of D1 Football Starts
Drew Brown Senior PK 39
Jordan Ober Junior LS 26
Caleb Lightbourn Sophomore P 12