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Big Red Cobcast: Does Bookie Still Love Us?

How much longer does our love affair with a beloved Husker recruit last?

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Brendan Radley-Hiles Student Sports

I’ve been married for almost a decade. I love my wife, and she loves me. Yet, I know there will be moments when she chooses to watch the most boring British television imaginable. Not like the Ricky Gervais version of The Office. We’re talking old people talking to old people about old people things while wearing cardigans and drinking brandy and tea. And I’m pretty sure the brandy and tea are old, too.

I want to believe the best in my wife, but I know she will punish me with the absolute boredom of shows like As Time Goes By. Every night I hope she’ll excitedly ask to start watching Narcos or Last Chance U, but it never happens. Judi Dench is a fine actress, but I have no need to see her argue about nothing with her geriatric television husband.

That said, my wife obviously does. She wouldn’t choose to watch it over and over if it wasn’t what she wanted. It took me 10 years to realize that each of us has the things we need and want, and sometimes our things don’t cross paths on the Venn diagram. She doesn’t watch football. I don’t watch Rosemary & Thyme. And we’re both happier for it. Sometimes we have to do our own thing.

Not every relationship has that kind of security. And that’s what scares me. We’ve been hanging onto Bookie so tightly since he committed to the Huskers after the spring game. We want him so badly, not just because he’s a potential game-changer, but also because Husker fans have established a relationship with him over the last couple years. Now that he’s been flirting with Florida for the last month or so, we’re desperately hanging on for dear life. Instead of letting Bookie have his innocent fun, we’re calling (tweeting) him every day to make sure he’s not actually cheating on us with the Gators.

Bookie loves us. It’s time we start acting like mature grown-ups and let him figure that out for himself. And if he doesn’t, then it’s time we let him move on. It’ll be more painful if he divorces (transfers) us later on.

This week’s Cobcast gave us excuse to delve into the Bookie conversation even deeper, and with fewer relationship metaphors. We also checked in on the Micah Parsons Heat Index, chatted about the SB Nation exposé on Deadspin. We even did our first commercial readers! That’s right, everyone. WE’RE SELLOUTS NOW!

It’s all so exciting. So join us for said excitement. Bookie might leave us if you don’t.

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