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Corn Flakes: “Nightfall” - Total Eclipse Open Thread

Will we finally see that alien ship that’s been using the sun’s radiation to hide all along?

Travelers In The West Hit The Road Flocking To Destinations To Witness Monday's Eclipse In Totality Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

In 1941, science fiction giant Isaac Asimov wrote a short story called "Nightfall".

The story is about a planet called Lagash that exists in a system that contains six suns. The citizens of the planet never experience darkness, although through the story we find out that the planet does experience darkness every 2049 years. We also find out, because of the fictional scientists in the story, that civilization collapses every 2000 years. We are told about the existence of a doomsday cult whose core belief is that the planet will be destroyed in fire which occurs during the darkness.

The scientists come to the conclusion that people are driven mad when they experience darkness even for short time. They are determined to prepare their society for nightfall and therefore save themselves from another civilization collapse.

Nightfall comes.

The inhabitants of the planet do not experience total darkness. Instead the sky is illuminated with thousands upon thousands of stars.

From the text:

Not Earth's feeble thirty-six hundred Stars visible to the eye; Lagash was in the center of a giant cluster. Thirty thousand mighty suns shone down in a soul-searing splendor that was more frighteningly cold in its awful indifference than the bitter wind that shivered across the cold, horribly bleak world.

The inhabitants of the planet had come to believe that the universe consisted of their system only, and when confronted with the fact that they were just a tiny piece of the universe they are all driven mad.

The story ends as follows:

On the horizon outside the window, in the direction of Saro City, a crimson glow began growing, strengthening in brightness, that was not the glow of a sun.

The long night had come again.


I would like to hear your stories about what you’re doing for the eclipse no matter where you’re at. I would like to hear about the conditions in Nebraska – if the crowds and the chaos are as bad as they’d predicted. And I would like to hear your reaction to the eclipse and what you experienced after it’s all said and done.

Let’s have fun with this, people!!!!!


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Then There’s This

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