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Corn Flakes: 22 Janos and We Would Be Alright

Who says the fullback is a dying breed? Oh, and some other news that pales in comparison to Andy Janovich.

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Foster Farms Bowl - Nebraska v UCLA Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

No one loves their fullbacks like Nebraska fans, right?

I mean, we are the ones who wrote this classic for Mile High Report when Andy Janovich was drafted by the Denver Broncos.

At the start of training camp for Jano’s second year, even though he finished his first season on injured reserve, after a change in the offensive coaching staff that called into question whether the Broncos would even need a fullback, and despite this run-on sentence....

It appears that Husker fans have competition in their affection for Andy Janovich.

He was ours first, Coach.

We’ll let you have him for now, but be sure to return him in the same condition in which you got him. Otherwise, we’ll charge a large fee for cleaning and repair.

Husker fans, you know what to do next, right? Yes, you are now expected to bring Brock Olivo into the conversation for every significant job search conducted for every position related to Husker football ever.

Maybe Coach Olivo should be the next “consultant” or the next athletic director. It doesn’t matter. Anyone who appreciates fullbacks this much is destined to end up as part of the Big Red somehow.

The Harbaugh-like intensity with which he delivers his Jano-endorsement is only a bonus.

Coach, send your resume to Cobby at Cornnation. We’ll take care of the rest.

Corn Flakes (Non-Janovich Variety)

Huskers volleyball coach John Cook named to AVCA Hall of Fame - Omaha Sports Insider
Nebraska volleyball head coach John Cook has been selected to the American Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame class of 2017, the AVCA announced on Monday. The induction ceremony will be held...

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CHICAGO — In his first two years at Penn State, 2014 and 2015, James Franklin had top-15 total defenses. Both teams finished 7-6.

Winning should be expectation | Sports |
For the second time in the past few weeks I am going to use the 1993-97 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team as the backdrop for this commentary.

Hoppes goes from backup to the backup to No. 1 guy at tight end | Football |
[Jill's note: I had to close two ads and scroll down past another to even read this article. At least there weren't any autoplay videos, I think. I had the speaker volume turned off.] How was Tyler Hoppes sitting at this time 12 months ago for the Nebraska football team? Backup. To the backup.

Plenty of unknowns for Huskers entering fall camp | College |
LINCOLN -- Let the grind begin.

Huskers look to get settled in secondary | Husker Sports |
There were plenty of unknowns attached to the Nebraska football team this offseason.

Elsewhere In Sports

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Then There’s This

US space pioneers' hair-raising test flights - BBC News
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