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Corn Flakes: Less Than 10 Days To College Football

I know - I’m getting redundant, but this last bit until football actually starts is killing me.

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NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

I know I’m getting redundant. I’m that kid in the back seat that keeps asking “Are We There Yet?” because this trip seems like it’s taking forever.

Nebraska’s season is further away but college football begins sooner than you probably realize. The 2017 season kicks off on August 26th, with Florida A&M vs Texas Southern. Granted, those aren’t your big name college teams, but still.... it’s football. Oregon State vs. Colorado State will kick off later, at 1:30 pm. Rice plays Stanford in Sydney, Australia at 9:00 pm central that night.

Is it just me, or are there more stories than ever about different Nebraska players this season? You know as well as I that the regular media and the coaches try to mention nearly as many names as possible while they’re into fall camp.

Also - it seems that the Omaha World Herald has ramped up their coverage, as has Hail Varsity. We have also added more writers.

Nebraska football - we should all have a media competition.

Nebraska CB Chris Jones has decision to make, but NFL draft scout sees no need to rush
After undergoing a meniscus repair on his left knee that has sidelined him for 4-6 months, Jones must decide whether or not he wants to utilize his redshirt season this year. Since Jones has yet to utilize a “regular” redshirt season, he would not be required to apply for a medical hardship waiver (often referred to as a medical redshirt). As long as he doesn’t play in 2017, he would be eligible to use his redshirt.

Young talent from Florida hard to miss on this Husker roster
You can understand why just by looking at three young Huskers that were recruited out of that state in the last two classes. Linebackers Guy Thomas and Willie Hampton may not play this year, but are both eye-catching prospects even on a field of 105 players. And redshirt freshman cornerback DiCaprio Bootle? Perhaps the fastest guy on the team. He is going to be important for Nebraska's defense this fall. He is, as Donte Williams explained on Tuesday, thought of as one of the team's three starting corners.

Pinned Deep | Hail Varsity
It might seem insignificant, but that’s where Diaco lives – in the world of the little things that can cause big problems.

Husker Notes: Akinmoladun Ready to Rush - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Today, Akinmoladun has 280 pounds on his tall frame, and he’s established himself as a defensive end.

Not only that, he’s a key figure as Nebraska, under new defensive coordinator Bob Diaco, switches to a 3-4 look after playing a 4-3 scheme for more than two decades.

Tanner Lee’s big time arm could be a big time threat for Illinois - The Champaign Room

The QB transfer from Tulane will present a new challenge for Illinois come late September.

Even the guys from Illinois are noticing Tanner Lee?

ESPN to “Megacast” Indiana’s opener against Ohio State - The Crimson Quarry
The Worldwide Leader will offer fans seven viewing options.

A brief history of Michigan football: From dominance to decline (and back) - Maize n Brew

The Wolverines had high hopes heading into the 2007 season. Safe to say, after 10 years, it was a crazy — and often unpredictable — road back to the national spotlight.

Oh, look, it’s another story about 2007.

Wisconsin TE Troy Fumagalli named to SI’s 2017 Preseason All-America Team - Bucky's 5th Quarter

High praise for the former walk-on.

This guy was a pain the butt when we played them last year. Now he’s back. One would hope he doesn’t catch a single ball in Lincoln, but you know as well as I that isn’t going to be the case.

Wyoming Cowboys Josh Allen goes from unknown to No. 1 pick in NFL draft buzz

On Nov. 20, 2014, near the end of Josh Allen's first season at junior college, he sent emails imploring someone -- anyone, really -- to give him a chance to be a Division I quarterback.

The recipient list included not only every FBS head coach, but also every offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and position coach from Alabama to Washington, more than 1,000 emails in total.

I like this story. Josh Allen shows some real perseverance here.

Then There’s This

Netflix Plans to Spend $7 Billion on Original Content in 2018

Just days after the Disney turmoil, Netflix’s visionary Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos stated that the streaming leader plans to increase its budget.

That is a fair amount of money.

Compare that with ESPN - note that the article below is a year old - and then ask yourself if Netflix’ content creation is sustainable. Granted, Netflix has been doing a LOT of their own stuff, and I suppose there is something about owning a library of content that can be consumed for the next... well, however humans and Netflix last... basically perpetuity.

ESPN Spends More on Content Than Anyone Else, Including Netflix -- The Motley Fool
Boston Consulting Group and SNL Kagan project that Disney's (NYSE:DIS) ESPN will spend $7.3 billion on content this year. That's more than any other network, including Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), which expects to spend $5 billion this year and $6 billion next year. The next closest traditional television network is NBC, with an estimated budget of $4.3 billion this year.

I just finished watching all of the Black Mirror episodes. I thought they were very well done, although it bothered me that throughout all of them there wasn’t a single hero with redeeming qualities that really made you want to root for them. This seems to be a lot more common these days. Has the human race has become this cynical, or is it just that our viewing tastes have changed?