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Nebraska Football: Thursday Practice Report

A very unhappy OL coach and an emerging wideout are the news of the day

David McGee

It’s another day of practice for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in their fall camp prefacing the 2017 season.

After practice today, the offensive side of the ball talked to the media. One coach wasn’t happy at all.

I’m sure that many will take that and run that Cavanaugh should be fired immediately, never mind a replacement. But, in honesty, if these happen now and not in the season, we won’t mind it.

In this report by Mike Schaefer of 247, it seems that David Knevel had a rough go of it as well. I’ve been told by a few people that Knevel may be the weak link of this starting group. The way he goes, this whole OL may go. Schaefer does also go along with what the BTN guys stated Tuesday in that Tanner Farmer is the starting right guard right now.

If you’re wondering why I’ve said that Patrick O’Brien needs to be ready to play and not Tristan Gebbia, this is it right here. As much as there’s been puff for Tanner Lee, you’re always one play and one shot away from him being out of the game. That’s true for any QB anywhere, but Nebraska needs all three QB’s for depth.

This could very well be the doldrums of fall camp and the monotony of hitting the same people in the same drills in the same quiet every morning. Sometimes you have to drive yourself and get the work done, whether it’s August or the third week of November when your bowl spot and a chance at Indy is up for grabs.

Danny Langsdorf did talk about OL depth after practice today:

“Christian Gaylord, Brenden Jaimes and we’ve got (Matt) Farniok on the other side. All three of them have come along. They’re young and they’re getting a lot of good work. They’re young, they’re taking some time but I think they’re progressing.”

Langs also did talk about the overall camp for the OL so far:

“We had some tough pressure that we have to handle. I think all the pressure we’re seeing in practice has been really good, it’s been hard. Overall, we’re protecting well. Part of it is the quarterback getting rid of the ball. I like how they’ve come along. They’ve really come together as a group. We had a couple of guys off the edge that were free and we’ve got to be able to call it correctly and be on the same page. Again, that takes some time to jell together but they’ve progressed along pretty nicely.”

It does sound like one spot that was up for grabs on the line has been resolved.

I’m fine with Cole Conrad as starting center. I still think Michael Decker has the better toolset, but it’s become apparent that Conrad has set himself apart in practice.

If you are looking for a named running back lead, you’re not going to be happy.

I would still think that Tre’ Bryant is RB1, but whispers of Devine Ozigbo looking leaner and Mikale Wilbon coming on in the past couple of weeks have made it tougher to make a true leader. While folks appreciate the competition, I would think most fans want a clear leader back there by the time the Huskers take on Arkansas State or even Oregon.

I think the big thing for a guy like Tyjon Lindsey is finding out what it’s going to take to be successful against guys you’ve never seen before. Some of these players are not going to be ranked as high as he is, while some will at Ohio State, Penn State and such. Yes, he’s going to be really raw and young when playing. But the whole pull is to play right away in Lincoln, that’s one of the main reasons why he’s in Lincoln.

And Langs knows what he has with Tyjon:

“Like most true freshman, he’s trying to get up to speed. [He’s] probably thinking too much at times, maybe overthinking stuff rather than just playing. Today was a little bit better example of what he can do and what he can show. There’s been some days where he’s played maybe not as fast because he’s probably thinking but I like what I saw today. He had a better day.”

Nebraska’s going to have to do well in play-action situations to help the entire offense. I know Hoss has something on this and the guard/center/guard area of the offensive line being the one main key for the Nebraska offense this year.

There’s a changeup in the media availability this weekend, as Mike Riley is scheduled to talk to the media on Friday instead of Saturday. This will mark the end of Nebraska’s fall camp segment, as Riley stated that the team wanted to spend two weeks getting ready for the Huskers first game vs. Arkansas State. Whatever he says, we’ll have for you.

Folks are still working though, and that’s a good thing.