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Big Red Cobcast: Where Have All the Husker WRs Gone

I thought we had a million of ‘em. I guess this means Danny Langsdorf and Nebraska will be running the daggum ball?

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Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

College football is a zero sum game. You either win or you lose. You have it all or you have nothing.

Who knew how aptly that would describe Nebraska’s wide receiver situation? We recruit somewhere in the vicinity of 749 wide receivers each year (all of them in the top 750 wide receiver recruits, obviously), and now we have, what, three?

It’s enough to make a smug, slightly neurotic, bespectacled nerd who puts entirely too much of his self worth into the success of the Huskers grow a bit anxious. This is an important season for Mike Riley and the gang. Not just for keeping their jobs and their reputations safe from the firing squad, but also for convincing bigger fish to jump into this Big Red pond. How can we expect Micah Parsons, Justin Fields, T.J. Pledger, Brian Hightower and (dare I say it?) Bookie to join the Big Red if there are no clear signs of progress?

And when 746 key components in the wide receiver corps go to the injured reserve with various shoulder, knee, thigh and marijuana injuries, how are the Huskers supposed to take a step forward? Also, I’m genuinely worried that even if the Huskers do take a step forward this year, they’ll sprain an ankle or suffer a soft tissue injury.

Pardon me if I’m seeming a bit fatalistic right now. I’m just getting anxious for the season to start, and my neuroses are manifesting themselves. I still think the Huskers go 16-0 this year (after winning the College Football Playoff, I’m assuming the Super Bowl champs will challenge Nebraska to a game, and the Huskers will roundly defeat Tom Brady’s old ass by at least three touchdowns). But I need a Husker victory, and I need one soon, or else I’m going to drive myself nuts.

So let’s win some games. Let’s sign Micah Parsons and every other top 10 recruit. Let’s storm the beaches of Normandy, and let’s win this goddamn national championship!

*SIDE NOTE: I wrote this after my sixth cup of coffee. If you’d like to hear similarly measured arguments about the Huskers’ depleted wide receiver corps, the backup quarterback race, whether or not Micah Parsons really loves us, and just how high Joe is this week, click on this week’s episode and give us a listen.

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