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CN Staff: What To Take From The First 2 Weeks Of Nebraska Football’s Fall Camp

The crew gives their opinion of what you should watch going forward as we’re three weeks from a gamet

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What’s the one thing to take away from the first two weeks of 2017 Fall Camp?

Cobcast Ryan: Bootles. He’s an unstoppable force. He runs a 3.89 40, he hands like Jerry Rice and the work ethic of Bo Jackson. He’s gonna be a playmaker and a future Hall Of Famer.

Also, POB is gonna get Johnny Stantoned.

Mike: I’m not so sure you’re wrong about Patrick O’Brien. If Tristan Gebbia has basically caught up with O’Brien at this point, it won’t be long until he passes O’Brien.

I find the running back situation interesting to watch, and keep hoping that someone jumps out in the end. The talk about Jaylin Bradley is interesting to watch; if nobody else grabs a hold of that spot, Bradley might be the long term answer at that position.

Patrick G: Diaco’s hair is still on point.

UNLWiebe: My main takeaway from the second week of fall camp is how confident the coaches are in the team. Riley said after the first week that it was the most seamless week of fall camp hes been around. I feel there is a sense of intensity that I’ve never seen before. I’m looking forward to this season as much as a five year old boy on Christmas morning.

Jill: Fall camp is the eternal season of... everyone is bigger, faster, stronger, and is seeing the field so much better than last year. It really looks like the game has slowed down for [insert name of player] here. I don’t know a whole lot about this team. The offense is an unknown - new QB, no clear answer at RB, new TEs, a lot of new faces on the line, and a lot of new faces at WR. I probably know even less about how the defense will perform. I’m intrigued by the possibilities on both sides of the ball, but more cynical about camp talk than most years. At least we have Drew Brown, right?

Nate M: I watched parts of the most recent spring game and I really thought Luke Gifford looked like an all-conference line backer. Just the eye test. But then I remind myself that my eye test from a TV screen is about as accurate as my golf swing. But he just looked the part. Well from the past couple practice reports, it may sound like I was on to something. So my prediction is that he is an all-conference linebacker by the time he graduates. I think he will be really good.

Also, sounds like Patrick O’Brien better try that cliche of “first one to arrive, last one to leave” or he’s going to lose his backup job to an 185 pound freshman.

Huskrboneyard: I have heard very little praise from what was supposed to be heading into Fall camp a great secondary. Is Tanner Lee that good, or do we have serious problems that we won’t find out until the first game of the season. I hope that Eric Lee can live up to the hype that surrounded him coming out of high school. He was passed in the depth chart last year by a true freshman and this year is competing against Bootle who was barely recruited by anyone. Jackson is going to be on the other side of him and was burned more often than not last year. I would like to see some performance by the backfield at some point that can instill confidence we will be able to defend the pass because in the Spring Game no one could.

Jon: Gravy.

Brian: I’m not worried about Lee. If he’s the real deal, so be it. If not, we have backups. I really want to know what this Defense is about. I keep hearing about Luke Gifford and a couple other guys, but we’re going to have to see something on the field for this to work out. I am one of the few that have faith in the Secondary, so I’m not worried that per se. Moreso, the whole cohesiveness of the gang is the big deal. It’s one thing to have Diaco going nuts and having folks buy into that energy. It’s another to keep points off the scoreboard. Bob Diaco was hired to be an upgrade over Mark Banker, not an even wash.