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Chancellor: Do Not Expect Nebraska To Host Big Ten Friday Night Games

Don’t expect chaos for the TV deal at Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium Gate

For those worried about pure chaos in how the Nebraska Cornhuskers would host a Friday night Big Ten Conference game, don’t.

Regent Tim Claire tweeted the decision brought forth by Chancellor Ronnie Green about the matter.

Now, before too much hootin’ & hollering comes around, this is simply for home games. This indicates that Nebraska will probably not host a game.

The Huskers are still going to Illinois on Friday, September 29 this year. Moving forward, we will see if the Huskers AD holds the hard line on Friday home games.

If you play HS football that night, the Huskers may have a deal for you as well.

It remains to be seen how many schools take advantage of that. Logistics can be the big issue in a short time, especially for out of Lincoln schools.