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Nebraska Gameday: What New Foods Would You Like At Memorial Stadium?

The CN Staff weighed in on what they’d like to see for new offerings!

What Jon envisions the future of Nebraska to look like.

With the season only a few weeks away, I thought about the spirit of bringing everyone back together again. It’s that time a year you should start paying attention to your favorite football team. That means you should be coming back to CornNation on a regular basis. Without a mind, I decided to start getting my writers together and do some preseason roundtables of fun!!!!!

Today’s roundtable is pretty simple. I want everybody to start out easy. It consists of a single question and everyone else can play along.

What new foods should be available for the "hawkers" to sell in the stands at Memorial Stadium?

Keith: Is beer a food?

Nate M: I think packs of either three beef or chicken tacos with a mild salsa some cheese and a blob of sour cream would be easy. One slice of Val’s pizza is $5 up in the stands right? And when you open the cardboard box of a $5 slice of Val’s pizza, half the cheese is crusted to the top or it is cold. So with that consistency, Memorial Stadium could make a butt load of money selling three backs of beef tacos for $5 a taco. (grabbing a calculator). They could sell a pack of three tacos for $15! (sarcasm)

Huskrboneyard: Might I suggest some good ol’ grilled corn on a cob on a stick? Cornhusk and all? When the fair comes around that and turkey legs seem to be what I gravitate toward the most. Grilled corn is better than boiled corn anyways. I’ll also settle for an endless supply of Irish Mules.

Mike: Sweet corn seems to be going out of season around here as we go into September. I’d hate to think where they’d have to get it in November. But here’s my vote: burnt ends. Put ‘em on a stick and wrap ‘em up in foil.

Keith: Mike, the logistics of that are all but impossible. What do you do with all the brisket that you cook to get the burnt ends?

Woody: I don’t eat a lot of food at the game because of the Tailgating that I do before. I think Nate is correct about the Pizza. But I don’t know of anybody that would pay $15 for 3 Tacos. I think that during the hot days, they should have more ice cream - shakes, floats and Banana Splits, etc...Dairy Queen is a top choice….again I want to point out that Tailgating helps with the food. And we usually end up stopping at Farmer’s Market and getting something there. Ex: Buzzard Billy’s..

Joe: The last time I was in Memorial Stadium was 1982, so I’m a little bit out of the loop, but I would love to have frozen Snickers bars available whenever possible. Do they sell those now?

UNLWiebe: It might just be me, but the idea of cornbread at the stadium once it gets cold sounds amazing. Imagine eating a Runza, but instead of eating a cinnamon roll, it comes with a piece of buttered cornbread. The best part about Runzas is that they can be used as hand warmers in your coat pockets. Eat the hot cornbread to heat up your body while you use your Runza to heat up the other hand, what a perfect strategy.

Jill: I rarely eat at the stadium. Most of the menu sucks. If there were food that could get me to spend too much money at the game…. It would be breakfast burritos for 11 a.m. games. For afternoon or evening games, tacos. Mmmm. Park a taco truck in the concourse instead of making them in a concession stand. I don’t know why, but they will taste better that way.

While we’re at it, cheesecake would be nice. The world is a much better place because of cheesecake.

Jon: Gravy.

Yes, delicious gravy. How ‘bout some gravy to go on top of your Val’s pizza? What if you had some delicious gravy in which to dip your Runza? Just imagine, food vendor guys moving up and down the aisles of Memorial Stadium with buckets full of delicious gravy and a ladle full just for you.

Are you cold? How about a ladle of hot, delicious gravy in your pocket to keep you warm? There’s nothing like gravy on cold, windy November game day.

What type of gravy you might ask?

Just one kind but it might vary from game to game. That could be part of the fun. They announce colors and alternative jerseys being worn by the players for special games every season; they could do the same with gravy.

Imagine them announcing, “This year’s Sawmill gravy game is against Wisconsin!” For that game you’d want to bring warm biscuits in your clear plastic bag. Security, knowing that this is the “biscuits and gravy game”, would look the other way as thousands of fans brought biscuits into the stadium and filled their clear plastic bags with delicious sawmill gravy. It would be the biggest biscuits and gravy party in the history of mankind! It could lead to more camaraderie among fans. Someone would yell, “I’ve got Tabasco sauce!”, and then the sharing would begin.

Imagine some old guy yelling at you, “SIT DOWN… AND HAVE SOME OF MY GRAVY AND BISCUITS, YOUNG FELLER!” Generations could come together and the sell out streak would stay intact for years and years because no one would want to miss out!

It could lead to more marketing and income opportunities for the athletic department. Imagine the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation paying $100,000 to make sure that beef gravy was THE gravy for most of the games. There’s nothing like threatening the beef people with some pork gravy to get results.

It could lead to a whole new niche market in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some enterprising guy would come up with the “Gravy Truck”. The gravy truck wouldn’t sell nothing but gravy – different kinds of course. The gravy truck would park next to other food trucks so that you could add gravy to their food. What makes a Nitro Burger even better? GRAVY!!!!!! Fries? GRAVY!!!!!