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Thursday Practice Report: Nebraska WR Jaevon McQuitty Out For Season

The injuries start to strike, and at a spot that the Huskers can’t afford to lose many people

David McGee/CN

The Nebraska Cornhuskers finished off another Fall Camp practice on Thursday morning at Memorial Stadium. Members of the Offensive side of the ball, including OC Danny Langsdorf, talked after practice.

But, when Mike Riley talks before his coordinators, it’s either really good or really bad. This falls on the latter.

Well that’s just freakin great! The WR out of Columbia, Missouri would have probably gotten some playing time this coming season. Now, however, it’s sit for the Fall and come back in the spring. At least Jaevon is in good spirits about it.

This means that out of the three hyped WR’s in last year’s class, only Tyjon Lindsey remains. Keyshawn Johnson Jr. isn’t coming back for the season, and now you have McQuitty & walk-on Kade Warner injured, although it sounds like Warner can come back fairly soon.

OH COME ON. This isn’t great by any means, but if it’s expected to not be a long time, then it’s not a big deal. That being said, the way that Nebraska has tried for a while to avoid soft tissue injuries & they pop up is amazing really.

That would be RB Tre Bryant, who right now should be RB1 on the roster. I would like to know how much wear & tear Bryant is getting a week and a half through camp.

Here’s the full quotes on the injuries to the WR’s from Mike Riley himself:

“We were doing a blocking drill the other day and Jaevon McQuitty hurt his knee and will need surgery, so he will be out for the year” Riley said. “These guys (Keyan Williams and JD Spielman) will be back but they pulled muscles so we are missing a couple slot backs right now too. JD [Spielman] is day to day and Keyan [Williams] probably two weeks away. He had a hamstring pull.”

Day to day, just like the rest of us. Just run em once a week & wrap them in bubbles the rest of the time, would you Mark Phillipp?

Okay, now that we got the bumps & bruises out of the way, let’s talk what Langs had to say.

I think a lot of folks would be really interested in knowing how close this is. The plan all along is to have Tristan Gebbia redshirt while Patrick O’Brien gets the #2 nod, and maybe some snaps if Tanner Lee craps the bed at all this year. That being said, Gebbia proved in the Spring game he’s not afraid to throw the ball and take chances.

What keeps Gebbia on the sidelines, in all probability, is the fact that he’s a hard sneeze from a Ohio State DL away from breaking in half. Gebbia is the real deal, but unlike POB, he’s not gotten a full year in S&C and meals in a Power 5 school. That makes a big difference.

Langs did talk about Tanner Lee a little bit today after practice:

“Pretty good…there’s been a few things that we got to clean up. Making sure we know even from the quarterback center exchange, which really falls on the center and the quarterback, but he’s [Tanner Lee] a part of that battery. I think he’s done a nice job playing fast and making good decisions for the most part. There’s been a couple plays that we need some word on. Overall he’s been a consistent worker. He’s really steady, he’s the same guy every day. He comes to work ready to go, so I’ve been pleased with that.”

He also talked about the Offensive Line:

“Just the overall protection on the (stunts). That’s a big thing for us. A handle on all the different movement. The third down pressures are where they show up a lot of movement, a lot of guys kinda of milling around and giving you different looks. That’s easy to do in that 3-4, that’s what makes it tough is identification. We need some work there and then consistently running the ball, that’s always a focus. Making sure that we can get positive yards and making sure we are not giving up any free hitters. Overall consistency and protection and gaining ground on the run game.”

The next media availability is Saturday, when Mike Riley is scheduled to speak to the media.

At least things ended on a good note on Special Teams.