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Corn Flakes: Skeptical About Diaco’s Defense

Too many glowing articles about Bob Diaco have made me skeptical about our defense. I’m a contrarian. It’s in my DNA.

Gallery: Practice!

There are 23 days left until the start of football season. This is the final stretch of the long road of the off-season.

This is also the part that drives me the most insane. Article after article about each individual player and what fantastic things they’re going to do for our team this fall. It is a sales job, mostly. It drives me nuts because there is nearly zero criticism of anything or anyone – that will come later after the losses, because that is the job of media.

You build something up so that later you can tear it down.

Media would tell you that “no, we only report facts”, but that is a load of shit. Media knows what it’s doing.

Don’t get the idea that I’m not excited about this football season or I wouldn’t be here anymore, running the site. In the 11 years that I’ve been doing this I can’t think of a season in which there are more unknowns than there are right now. Of course, with my brain injury and sometimes scrambled memory you could say that I don’t remember a lot about the previous seasons and you’d be partially right.

Still, it’s the same across the college football spectrum, this need to sell the program, although it’s probably not as prevalent as anywhere as it is at Nebraska. The state needs the football program to win because it’s built its ego around its success. Therefore we are more than willing to lap up whatever media will tell us. The unfortunate problem is that were not eating anything of substance – everything right now is like subsisting on Twinkies.

I am very skeptical about Bob Diaco’s defense. We’ve seen article after article about his energy and his enthusiasm and how the previous defensive coordinator didn’t get that excited about things and we blame Mark Banker the same way any organization, football or your job, blames the last guy fired for everything bad that’s happened.

I don’t have a lot of faith that we’re going to have a good defensive line. I am skeptical of our linebackers ability to learn a new defense. Overall, I wonder if our defense is going to stop above average offenses in conference play. I think they’ll struggle.

That’s why I am hoping that the offense gets its crap together.

Nebraska’s volleyball team will start at #5. I know that our volleyball team is exceptional every season, but it’s hard to imagine them without the Rolfzen twins.

You guys have been particularly nasty in the comment sections lately. You have been nasty to each other, and somewhat nasty about your subjects. It’s clear that everybody is anxious for the season to start. I’d ask that if you feel like making nasty comments to other community members over the next couple weeks that you back away from the keyboard and go get some ice cream.

I don’t want to ban anyone right before the season starts. It’s no fun for me and it’s no fun for you. So knock it off. Please.


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