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Big Red Cobcast: Exploiting Our Heroes?

How far is too far when remembering Husker legends?

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Maryland v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Now is probably a good time to remind everyone that we’re the Big Red Cobcast. We compare Husker legends to superheroes. We challenge Nick Saban to fights. We make fun of Tweedy for his ass-related injuries. So maybe remember all of that before you proceed to the next paragraph.

That said, we have genuine concerns about the celebration and remembrance of Husker-related tragedies. It feels like everywhere a Nebraskan turns, there is a reminder of Sam Foltz, Jack Hoffman’s illness and Brook Berringer. I’m not saying we shouldn’t remember them. Celebrate them. They each earned legendary status in their own ways, ways that often weren’t properly recognized until after devastation hit. Don’t ever strip that away.

But. BUT. We should also acknowledge that companies and large organizations that make money, like say the University of Nebraska, use these names in videos, social media and promotional materials. It feels like a fine line between reverence and exploitation. Are we, in effect, doing what we’re (lightly) criticizing? Where is the cutoff for acceptability? I don’t have the answer, and our culture will always toe the line.

Maybe this type of cynicism is even uglier than using death and disease for exploitative purposes. After all, Jack Hoffman’s touchdown gave each and every one of the feels (and raised money for fighting pediatric brain cancer).

Maybe the answer lies somewhere in between. We delve much deeper into this topic, in addition to some crazy-ass excitement for fall camp, and crazy-ass panic over Bookie wearing a Florida hat.

Listen to all that and more on this week’s Cobcast!

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