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Corn Flakes: Preseason Practice Has Started!

I had a great weekend. You?

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It was a really good weekend.

I rode a mechanical bull for the first time in my life.

I spent Sunday smoking.... chicken, Mac N cheese, veggies for the week. Here:

Notice the one on the right... and the color compared to the one on the left?

That’s the result of having more paprika in your rub. I’m not sure why, exactly, paprika exists other than to add color, because it doesn’t add much taste unless you screw it up, then it becomes bitter.

I like spice, but I have a new household now. I have the oldest son moving back in, with his girlfriend, and her six-year old daughter Eva. She’s a peach. I love her.

Suddenly, though, I can’t cook really spicy food. I can’t cook.. well, I have a whole list of things they can’t eat. I know we could make this a debate, but, hey, when you love people you adjust, right?

Change is constant. It is in everything living. Accept it. Move on.

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“I’m of the belief that you really can’t succeed running a pro-style offense unless you can get the best linemen,” Staples said. He then delved into offenses that cropped up in the past 15 years — Mike Leach’s “Air Raid” or the system Urban Meyer developed — that were designed to close talent gaps.

This first quote is from Andy Staples, SI. I am not inclined to disagree with him.

But Nebraska’s identity can’t be screens and draws; those are side dishes. Beyond that, NU’s been so-so on draw — the best I can recall is Imani Cross’ run at Rutgers in 2015 — and slightly worse on screen plays. Nebraska didn’t execute either well during spring camp.

I am somewhat inclined to disagree with this, however. What does the past have to do with this team? We haven’t run the draw well... what does that have to do with 2017? Nothing.

Maybe you can’t establish an identity on screens and draws, but you can run the fuck out of them. There are so many variations - if your offensive line is struggling, why not vary them to keep a defense guessing?

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Then There’s This

Your Monday moment of “awwww”...