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Nebraska Football: Fall Camp Practice #1 Report

Here’s what Mike Riley and members of the media had to say about Sunday’s opening workout

David McGee

It’s practice number 1 of the 2017 Nebraska football season. While Nebraska will probably not work out much on Sundays, it was the first day for everyone this coming season.

The Huskers worked just over 2 hours in helmets only per NCAA rules, which dictates that there be a 2 workout acclimation period before pads are donned.

After practice, Mike Riley spoke to the media hordes that were there to not only report, but also to watch things go down.

I dig keeping Kalu at safety, you have to find out what guys like Eric Lee, who’s been in the program for a while, has to offer. Also, I’m betting that the Cobcast guys will love seeing Bootle in there.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Riley and Reggie Davis use a guy like Jaylin Bradley this season. Numbers may suggest that has to happen, depending on health issues.

In before all the message board hero fodder kicks in.

Nebraska could really use Tyjon’s presence immediately in this offense to help out. Now, he’s not going to be as advanced as say Jaevon McQuitty, who spent the Spring working out as a early enrollee. However, he’s good enough to be on the field and make some plays.

For those wondering about offensive line rotation, here you go.

I’m down seeing what Tanner Farmer can do at RG. But I also think Michael Decker may be the better choice at center. That’s purely my opinion though, yours may differ.

Good to see Mikale Wilbon and Bryan Reimers get named. Reimers was sneaky efficient last year in games. Also, it’s good that Wilbon is off the milk carton for the first part of camp at least.

Chris is right. the second Tanner has a rough day, especially in a scrimmage, everyone will wonder if Patrick O’Brien has his ducks in a row and ready to go.

While we don’t have a schedule of practices yet, I would bet that the next -post-practice media availability will be on Tuesday. I would also bet that it will be the first time we hear from DC Bob Diaco as well.